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Zoo Tycoon : Complete Collection



Name the tank Super Croc instead of a normal exhibit. Eventually a few dinosaurs will appear in a normal tank for no apparent reason.

Exhibit cheats

After the game automatically names an exhibit, rename it to one of the following entries to get the corresponding animal or effect.

Result - Name:

Triceratops - Cretaceous Corral

Unicorn - Xanadu

Dodo - Doflopnok

Dienosuchus - Super Croc

Chance that more guests enter zoo - Wonderland

Double exhibit donations - Microsoft

Double amount paid at attractions - Blue Fang

More money

Press [Shift] + 4 to get $1,000. Note: When this code is used your park fences will break and your animals will escape. This code is best used before any exhibits are built.

Name cheats

Rename one of your guests to the following entries to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Result - Code:

Blue guests and buildings - Mr. Blue

Yellow guests and buildings - Mr. Blonde

White guests and buildings - Mr. White

Brown guests and buildings - Mr. Brown

Orange guests and buildings - Mr. Orange

Pink guests and buildings - Mr. Pink

White birds attack - Alfred H

Fences deteriorate 100% - Russell C

Sick guests - Zeta Psi

All scenarios - Akiyama

All animal enrichment research programs - Lou Catanzaro

All animal care research programs - Adam Levesque

All animal buildings - Andrew Binder

All animal shelters available - John Wheeler

All exhibit foliage - Charlie Peterson

All staff education research programs - Hank Howie

All endangered animals research programs - Steve Serafino

No rubble or trampled terrain

Block off part of the exhibit then put terrain that can be trampled there. In their part of the exhibit, put Dirt, Sand, Brown or Gray Stone, or Snow. You can also use water as a fence if the animal cannot swim.


If you put a Treasure Chest or Giant Clam in a tank it will shoot out bubbles (like in a fish tank).