Game Platforms

Zoo Keeper

Nintendo DS

Extra hidden difficulty level

Unlockable 4th difficulty, "gekimuzu".

To obtain a 4th difficulty, you need to get the highscore on

all 4 modes of gameplay.

Zoo keeper: 1200000+ points needed.

Tokoton 100: 1800000+ points needed.

Quest mode: 10000+ Yen needed.

Time attack: 600000+ points needed.

After getting all 4 high scores, a 4th difficulty appears in the top line of the option menu.

This difficulty means "Expert" or literally "difficult-player" and has a huge advantage of doubling all the normal points you achieve. This secret was found by mtpfreak and verified by bemani.

Expert difficulty

Get the highest score in Zoo Keeper, Tokoton 100, Quest and Time Attack modes