Game Platforms

Zeus : Poseidon

PC Windows

Press CTRL-ALT-C to bring up the cheat window and use these codes: delian Treasury - Add 1000 Coins

ambrosia - Win Scenario

atlastthegreat - Atlas Will Help Build Your Project Faster

fireballs from Heaven - Strike a piece of Ground with fireball

hotlava - Strike a piece of ground with fireball

bowvine and Arrows - Towers Shoot Cows Instead of Arrows

cheese Puff - Dairy Workers Put on Cheese Suits

mammaldrome - Granary is Filled Every 3 Months

seasick - Poseidon will grant you 10x the fish in your granary

soundFrags - Animals Make Strange Noises when Killed

bigbadwolf - ?

elite sheep - ?

rain from heaven - ?