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Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories


Card Passwords:

Time Wizard 71625222
Mask Of Darkness 28933734
Man-Eater Bug 54652250
Hane-Hane 07089711
Silver Fang 90357090
Dragon Piper 55763552
Shining Angel 95956346
Hibikime 64501875
Mysterious Puppeteer 54098121
Celtic Guardian 91152256
Kojikocy 01184620
Neo The Magic Swordsman 50930991
Winged Dragon 87796900
Battle Ox 05053103
Blackland Fire Dragon 87564352
La Jinn 97590747
Koumori Dragon 67724379
Curse of Dragon 28279543
Flame Cerebrus 60862676
Summoned Skull 70781052
Red-Eyes Black Dragon 74677422
Gaia the Fierce Knight 06368038
Blue-Eyes White Dragon 89631139
Soul Release 05758500
Change of Heart 04031928
De-Spell 19159413
Monster Reborn 82764718
Darkness Approaches 80168720
Share the Pain 56830749
Pot of Greed 55144522
Final Destiny 18591904
Dark Hole 53129443
The Cheerful Coffin 41142615
Malevolent Nuzzler 99597615
Paralyzing Potion 50152549
Sword of Deep-Seated 98495314
Sword of Dark Destruction 37120512
Dark Energy 04614116
Mountain 50913601
Just Desserts 24068492
Robbin' Goblin 88279736
Ultimate Offering 80604091
Judge Man 30113682
Flame Swordsman 45231177
Time Wizard 71625222
Man-eating Treasure chest 13723605
Terra the Terrable 63308047
Disk Magician 76446915
Blue-eyes white dragon 89631139
Harpie lady 76812113
Metal fish 1600/1900 55998462
Red Archery girl 1400/1500 65570596
Winged Dragon 1400/1200 87796900
Giant Turtle 1400/1800 6981563
Red medicine 38199696

Easy Starchips:

Beat Teana and Jono in campaign mode. Then go to free duel and face them. They are very easy.

Easy starchips:

After leaving the palace the first time go back to the palace. You will be asked to duel. Dont worry it is the easiest duel of the game. Just beet him quickly and then you can duel him in free duel mode. Not only do you get easy starchips you also get decent cards from him.

3-D Battle Arena:

When you have a monster on the field press X to attack. Highlight a monster and press Square. It will then go into a 3-D Arena.

Easy Star Chips & Good Cards:

Just beat Jono and he might give you Time Wzard and he is easy to beat, and beat Tai at the begining to get easy starchips. Beat Rex Rapter and Mai Valintine in the tourtamint to get good cards. Once I beat Rex and he gave me Blackland Fire Dragon, and once I beat him another time and he gave me Dragon Zombie and time wizard with Blackland Fire Dragon OR Dragon Zombie makes Thousand Dragon.