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WWE Wrestlemania X8


Wrestle as Chris Benoit

Win The WWE Undisputed Championship to unlock Chris Benoit.

Wrestle as Raven

Win The WWE Light Heavyweight Championship to unlock Raven.

Wrestle as Rhyno

Win The WWE Hardcore Championship to unlock Rhyno.

Wrestle as Ric Flair

Win The WWE European Championship to unlock Ric Flair.

Wrestle as Stacy Keibler

Win The WWE Tag Team Championship to unlock Stacy Keibler.

Wrestle as Vince McMahon

Win The WWE Intercontinental Championship to unlock Vince McMahon.

Original WWE SmackDown Arena

Win The WWE Undisputed Championship with The Rock to unlock the original WWE SmackDown Arena.

WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena

Wrestle in all other arenas in exhibition mode to unlock the WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena.

WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena

Win the Royal Royal with any superstar to unlock the WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena.