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WWE Day of Reckoning 2


Perfect stats

Start a new story, then play as far as desired, but do not complete it. Save the game, distribute the experience points, save again, then exit. Go back into story mode. Choose "New" for your story, and select the same custom superstar you used. Your stats should remain the way you left them. A prompt stating that your selection is already being used in story mode will appear, and warn you that you will be deleting your current path. Choose "Yes", and you'll be back to the start in story mode, but will still keep your improved stats. Note: If the glitch does not work the way it should, you can do one of two things. The first is to copy your improved superstar, then enter the copy into story mode, choosing "New". Fight as far as desired, distribute the stats again, and save the game. Then, exit and go to Create A Wrestler mode again and copy the copy. Repeating this cycle is tedious, but assures you perfect stats. The second method is to enter Create A Wrestler mode, save the game, and go back into story mode.

Unlock Taboo Tuesday Arena

Purchase from the WWE Shop for $500.

Unlock The Rock

Complete Show #20 (Story Mode) to unlock

Ability points

Successfully complete story mode to get 1,700 ability points for created superstars.

Unlock Vengeance Arena

Win the Vengeance match during story mode the arena will be unlocked for use in exhibition matches.

Unlock Bad Blood Arena

Purchase from the WWE Shop for $500.

Unlock Survivor Series Arena

Complete the Survivor Series PPV

Unlock WrestleMania Arena

Complete the WrestleMania PPV

Unlock Unforgiven Arena

Complete the Unforgiven PPV

Gain energy

Put your opponent into a submission hold, then use the (C-stick) and select "Drain".

Unlock Summerslam Arena

Reach the PPV for Summerslam during story mode and the arena will be unlocked for use in exhibition.

Unlock Backlash Arena

Reach the PPV for Backlash during story mode and the arena will be unlocked for use in exhibition matches.

Steel Cage Fatal 4-Way match: Easy win

Make your wrestler use the Stone Cold Stunner (found in the Stone Cold Steve Austin moves template that can be bought from the "" selection at main menu under "Moves"), or use other lightning quick KO possible finisher. Make your wrestler the lightest possible superstar (150 pounds) and best suited for high flying moves. Use those high flying moves to your advantage. Your speed should be at least a 10, and if you raised your strength to a 10, you may be able to dish out heavy damage. Your speed is most important. You will need a speed of 10 to claim victory in the Fatal 4 Way Cage match. Using strength will only deal out damage, and you will need low weight, high speed, and tap A very fast in order to get out quickly. A controller with an auto-fire feature will improve your chances of winning this match. Note: If time expires you will be forced to replay the match; try to win it within the 30 mininute time limit.

Unlock Stone Cold Steve Austin

Complete the singles match (Exhibition Mode) vs. COM 5 times to unlock

Unlock Royal Rumble Arena

Complete the Royal Rumble PPV


The only are arenas that you can unlock in story mode are as follows:





No Mercy

Survivor Series


Royal Rumble

No Way Out

Wrestlemania 22

The arenas you can buy are:

Judgment Day

Bad Blood

Great American Bash

Taboo Tuesday

Unlock Mankind

Complete the singles match (Exhibition Mode) vs. COM 10 times to unlock

Steal opponent's finishing move

After filling your special meter, hold (A) to do a heavy grapple to your opponent then press (L) + (R) + (A) + (B) to do your opponent's finishing move.

Handicap Table match: Easy win

Your first opponent is easy to defeat, as the is using tag team rules for handicap matching. You can take full advantage of this. Knock Orlando Jordan on the ground quickly, then run out of the ring, grab the table, then set it in the nearest turnbuckle away from Heidenrich. When OJ gets up (or you pick him up), whip him to the table. He should just crash into it, but not break it. Either slam him through it, or use a move like the Spear or Gore to put him through it.

Unlock No Mercy Arena

Complete the No Mercy PPV

Unlock Great American Bash Arena

Purchase from the WWE Shop for $500.

Unlock No Way Out Arena

Complete the No Way Out PPV

Unlock Hulk Hogan

Complete the entire Story Mode to unlock

Christian: Missing logo

Play any match as or with Christian. Notice that there is no logo on his tights

Unlock Bret Hart

Complete the singles match (Exhibition Mode) vs. COM 20 times to unlock

Unlock Judgement Day Arena

Purchase from the WWE Shop for $500.

Unlock Armageddon Arena

Complete the Armageddon PPV

Defeating Kurt Angle

Build up submissions early to defeat Kurt Angle in his "Win By Submission Only" match. He is very difficult and will counter 50% of your attacks.