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WCW/nWo Revenge

Nintendo 64

Cheat :

Turnbuckle Taunt:

If you want to do a turnbuckle taunt, got to the turnbuckle and press the d-pad as if you were goin to get onto the turnbuckle. But instead of pressing c-down, tap the analog stick and you do an alterante taunt i.e... Ultimo Dragon does a handstand, and Juvi does what he does when he evters the ring(shakes his head and jump onto the turnbuckle)

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Wrestle as Curt Henning:

Win all nine U.S. Heavyweight competition rounds.

Wrestle as Kidman:

Win the Cruiserweight Belt.

Wrestle as Rowdy Roddy Piper:

Win the World Heavyweight Belt.

Wrestle as Kanyon and Mortis:

Win the TV title to select Kanyon in the WCW. To play as Mortis, highlight Kanyon and press C-Down.

Wrestle as Meng and Barbarian:

Win the Tag Team Belts.

Wrestle as managers:

Select one-on-one exhibition mode and choose wrestlers that have managers. Begin the match, then press Z on controllers three and four.

Wrestle as THQ Man:

Highlight AKI man on the character selection screen and press C-Down.

TV Title mode:

Win the Cruiserweight Belt.

World Heavyweight mode:

Win the U.S. Heavyweight belt.

NWO belt:

Use Hollywood Hogan to win the World Heavyweight belt.

Obtain a weapon:

Leave the ring during a match. Then, enter the crowd and press C-Up. When playing as Dake Ken, a sledgehammer may be found.

Use opponent's special move:

Begin a match with an opponent in the same weight class, and allow your character's spirit meter to fill until it begins to flash "Special". Hit your opponent with a strong or weak grapple and press A + B.

Use opponent's ground moves:

Press A + B together while your opponent is on the ground.

Use same taunt:

Rotate the Analog-stick in a counter-clockwise circle when your opponent or tag team member uses a taunt. If in tag team or battle royal mode then your wrestler will use the taunt of the wrestler he is focused on.

Alternate taunts:

Hold Down on the Analog-stick while your wrestler is standing. Your wrestler will do the taunt that is normally done when getting up from a move.

Alternate costumes:

Press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-Down at the character selection screen.

Change Silver belts back to Gold belts:

Go to championship mode and select any belt. Then, select the wrestler who has the belt, and watch the introduction sequence. When he is getting in the ring, the belt will be gold again.

Silver belts:

Press A when Hollywood Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and The Giant are speaking at the microphone during the opening sequence to have silver belts instead of gold.

Alternate introduction:

Change the costumes of any of the wrestlers, then allow the introduction to appear again. The wrestlers will be wearing the new costumes.

Get out of any pin or submission move:

Move the Analog-stick while your character is in a submission move or pin.

Automatic move reversal:

When your opponent does a weak or strong attack (such as by pressing B), press R when he hits your character to automatically reverse the move.

Counter most opponent moves:

Tap the Analog-stick repeatedly to counter most of your opponent's moves. This also allows your character to get up faster. Note: This only works if your character has more spirit than your opponent. The harder the difficulty level, the more the required spirit difference.

Easy way to make your spirit:

Go on the top rope, then press the Analog-stick to execute a taunt. Jump at your opponent when gets near.

DDP taunt done by Kimberly:

Play as DDP in single player mode, so he appears with Kimberly. During the match, go outside the ring and stand close to Kimberly. Have him use his taunt and Kimberly will do it with him.

Fake suicide dive when cruiserwieght:

When playing a Cruiserweight and your opponent is outside the ring, run to the rope. When running back to your opponent, hold the Analog-stick to do a fake suicide dive.

Cross-Face Crippler:

Select Chris Beniot as a wrestler. Throw your opponent to the rope after getting a special. When he comes back, hold the Analog-stick Down to do the Cross-Face Crippler.

Diamond Cutter:

Select DDP as a wrestler. Throw your opponent to the rope after getting a special. When he comes back, tap the Analog-stick Down, then hold it Down just before he reaches your wrestler to throw him into the air and follow up with a Diamond Cutter.

Vader Bomb:

Select Jericho as a wrestler. Throw your opponent to the rope after getting a special, and keep punching until he is down. Then, approach the turnbuckle and press A.