Game Platforms

WCW Wrestling


Wrestle against Master:

Defeat all the normal wrestlers two times.

Championship match:

Enter H5YT 1YQ7 OHNZ as a password to play as Animal with two championship matches to be completed.

Wrestler Password


Won 3 matches BXDR NBQ5 19DQ

Won 6 matches -XDY YBZH Y9DK

Won 9 matches QXD- 0B0D L9DQ

Lex Luger

Won 3 matches DXH5 NBD5 R9DK

Won 6 matches LXHT YB67 N9DM

Ric Flair

Won 3 matches DX7X NBT5 R9DV

Won 6 matches BX7Z YB07 N9DM

Mike Rotunda

Won 3 matches DXT9 NB15 R9DW

Won 6 matches BXTH YB/7 R9DV

Kevin Sullivan

Won 3 matches DXRZ NBY5 R9D5

Won 6 matches BXRT YB6H R9D2

Rick Steiner

Won 3 matches DXNH NB-9 R9D1

Won 6 matches BXND YB4H R9D5

Rick Steamboat

Won 3 matches DX1T NBV5 R9DL

Won 6 matches YX11 YB37 R9DD

Road Warrior Hawk

Won 3 matches DXBR NBQ5 R9DG

Won 6 matches BXB1 YB37 R9DD

Road Warrior Animal

Won 3 matches DXYD NBK5 R9D6

Won 6 matches BXYB YB57 R9DY

Won 11 matches -XY- GBG1 R9DQ

Won 20 matches N5Y1 1BP7 RZNT

Steve Williams

Won 3 matches DXLN NBM5 R9D4

Won 6 matches BXLY YB7H R9DV

Eddie Gilbert

Won 3 matches DXJ1 NBW9 R9D5

Won 6 matches BXJL YBTH R9DK

Michael Hayes

Won 3 matches DX0B NB89 R9D7

Won 6 matches BX0J YBDH R9DW

Won 9 matches JX0G 0BGD R9DV

Final match:

Enter N5BN 1B47 RZBZ as a password.