Game Platforms

Warioland 2

Game Boy

Second Secret Chapter

In "defeat the giant snake" let the snake eat you and when you get thrown to the top go in the door to your left. When your through that door smash the top right part of the wall beside you and go

to the next door you see. Then roll down the stairs and keep rolling untill you bounce off of a wall. Then go in the door with stars over it. Now your in a new hidden chapter.

Flagman D.D Game

Complete the game with 100% Stage Clear, Treasure, and Map Pieces and you will get the final stage and a bonus game, Flagman D.D.

How to Find the First Secret Chapter

To find the first secret chapter in Wario Land 2, enter the first level. Don't wake Wario up, and the Gooms will kick Wario out of his house. The story will then proceed along a different path.

Instant Reset

If you're stuck or just want to reset, press Select, Start, A and B all at the same time. You'll have to start over from your last save point, but you won't lose coins or items.

Traction on Conveyer Belts

To prevent yourself from moving on a conveyor belt, carry an enemy. As long as you're doing this you'll move normally.