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Unreal Championship 2 : The Liandri Conflict


Cheat Menu

During a game pause by pressing the Start button, then HOLD DOWN the L and R triggers and press the White button to bring up the cheat menu. Then select cheats as desired.


Keep Adrenaline powers going at all times. Do not "save" them unless it is an attacking combo. Use Speed, Warrior spirit, Vampire, etc., as soon as possible. Not only does this keep you at an advantage, but you can grab more pick-ups for more combos. Try to have all six going at once.


The Stinger shoots tracking Tyridium shards are innocuous at first glance but are very useful. Use it on long range opponents (locked on). A somewhat useful tactic for mid-range enemies is fire the tracking shards without a lock, over someone's head or something similar. Then, lock on. The shards will whip around and most of them will connect.

Unlockable: Bots

Apophis: defeat Ascension Rites, rung 16

Calypso: defeat Malcom Ladder, rung 5

Corrosion: defeat Anubis Ladder, rung 2

Darius: defeat Szalor Ladder, rung 3

Hyena: defeat Ascension Rites, rung 7

Jackhammer: defeat Arclite Ladder, rung 5

Judas: defeat Sapphire Ladder, rung 4

Korig: defeat Raptor Ladder, rung 3

Kraag: defeat Lauren Ladder, rung 3

Memphis: defeat Brock Ladder, rung 5

Mirage: defeat Sobek Ladder, rung 5

Nepthys: defeat Gorge Ladder, rung 6

Syzygy: defeat Devastation Ladder, rung 5

Unlockable: Mutators

Adrenaline Jumps: defeat Lauren Rung 2, Selket rung 3

Announce Power-Ups: Raptor Rung 8

Double Adrenaline: defeat Anubis rung 7, Gorge Rung 1, Lauren Rung 1, Raiden Rung 1, Raptor Rung 1, Selket Rung 1, Sobek Rung 10, Szalor rung 1

Friendly Fire Damage: defeat Arclite rung 6, Malfunction challenge, Raptor rung 4, or Sapphire Rung 2

InstaGib: defeat Ascension Rites rung 7, Sharpshooter challenge, Gorge Rung 9, Sapphire rung 3

Looting: defeat Arclite Rung 2, Malfuntion Challenge, or Selket Rung 8

Low Grav/Low Grav All: defeat Devastation Rung 2, Sapphire Rung 5, or Taking Flight Challenge

No Lock: defeat Graduation Challenge, Lauren Rung 8

Quad Jump: defeat Ascension Rites rung 8, Arclite Rung 8, or Taking Flight Challenge

Radioactive: defeat Malfunction Challenge, Gorge Rung 4

Random Pickup Respawn: defeat Arclite rung 4, Malfuntion Challenge, Devastation Rung 8, or Gorge Rung 8

Retribution: defeat Brock Rung 9, Graduation Challenge, Malcom Rung 5, Selket Rung 7, or Torgr Rung 8

Rounds (Best of 3 or 5): defeat Ascension Rites Rung 12, Torgr rung 8

Vampire: defeat Day of the Vampire challenge

Volatile: defeat Brock Rung 6, Malfunction Challenge, Sobek Rung 4

Wall Crawl: defeat Raiden Rung 3

Weapon Master: defeat Malcom Rung 3

Unlock Characters

How to unlock these characters.

Brock - Complete Laurens tournament ladder.

Devastation - Defeat her in the campaign mode.

Gorge - Complete Malcom's tournament ladder.

Malcom - Win a match against human opponents in every game type.

Raiden - Complete all challenges in challenge mode.

Selket - Complete the campaign mode(Ascension Rites)

Torgr - Complete Szalor's Tournament ladder.

Secret Coup de Grace's

These are alternate coup de grace's for each character that you can enter instead of the random on-screen one. They get you two bars of adrenaline instead of just one, but they seem to have odd timing's so they're more difficult to do. If you don't know how to do a coup de grace you do it by first freezing an enemy by either using your pistols alternate or using your melee, then lock on and get close to them with your melee out and enter the combination.

Anubis - x, y, up, a, right trigger

Arc-lite - x, y, right, a, a, a, left

Brock - x, y, right, left, a, a

Devastation - x, y, up, left, down, right, left trigger

Gorge - x, y, right, a, left trigger + right trigger, a

Lauren - x, y, left, right, right trigger

Malcolm - x, y, down, up, a, left trigger

Raiden - x, y, up, down, down, down, a

Raptor - x, y, down, left, up, right, right trigger

Saphire - x, y, up, down, left trigger, up, a

Selket - x, y, down, a, a, left trigger, right trigger

Sobek - x, y, right trigger, down, up, up

Szalor - x, y, left trigger + right trigger, down, down, up

Torgr - x, y, left trigger, right trigger, left trigger, up, up, down