Game Platforms

UEFA Manager 2000

PC Windows

Hex Cheat

1. Start the game.

2. Be the manager of any team you like.

3. After completing the first issues (type your name as a manager, choose your team), save your game.

4. Exit from the game.

5. By using the Windows Explorer , go to the Data directory of the game (eg. C:\Program Files\Infogrames\UEFA Manager\Data\Save).

6. By using a HEX Editor, open the x.bin file (where x is the name of your saved game).

7. By using the Find command , type EXACTLY the name of your team. When you find it, count 226 bytes before the first letter of your team.

8. You will find the place where your club's money are.

9. By using the Hex Converter, count the amount you want and replace it at the specific bytes (eg. 2 billion).

10. Save it and make a backup of your saved game (just in case....!).

When you reload your game you are going to find a huge amount!

This cheat works for any kind of the game you want to play (eg. Start a New Career or Start a Game or Play a Scenario).