Game Platforms

Twisted Edge Extreme Snowboarding

Nintendo 64

Cheat mode:

Enter the sound options menu and adjust the following settings as indicated. Then, highlight the "SFX Vol." option and press the indicated button(s) to activate the code. Note: Only a single code may be enabled at one time. Cheat Speech Music Vol SFX Vol Music Test Button(s)

Art boards On 5 1 3 C-Left + C-Up

BOSS board Off 6 3 4 C-Up

Midway board On 8 4 5 C-Left

All players Off 4 1 2 C-Right + C-Down

Little Bob (Tiny) On 7 7 5 L

Naked Dude (G) Off 6 4 6 C-Left + C-Right + R

Easy tracks On 7 2 6 L

Normal tracks Off 3 5 6 R

Hard tracks On 5 2 4 Z

Long credits Off 2 2 3 C-Up + Z

Stunt credits On 1 3 7 C-Down + Z

Mirror tracks On 7 6 6 L + R

Night mode On 2 8 5 Z + C-Up

Grow Off 8 7 5 Z + C-Left

Ant On 1 6 1 Z + C-Right

Board only Off 7 5 2 Z + C-Down

Midway mode On 2 4 3 Z + L

Light Off 5 1 6 L + C-Up + C-Left

Canada On 4 0 7 Z + C-Up + C-Left

Ghost 1 On 4 6 5 L + R

Ghost 2 Off 0 8 3 R + C-Up + C-Down

Ghost in replay cycle On 8 8 7 L + R + C-Down

No Board On 0 8 4 C-Up + C-Left + C-Right

Helium Off 0 7 1 C-Left + C-Up + C-Down   Boss snowboard and Bob character (alternate):

Finish first overall on the Mirror course, to unlock the Boss snowboard and Bob, a character that has maximum stats. Bonus boards:

Finish in first place first in the various races to unlock the XXX6, Top Gear Rally, and Midway boards. Complete stunt challenge mode to unlock the Bucky board. Finish in first in all three courses during the first round of competition mode to unlock the Flower board. The Top Gear Rally board can also be unlocked by having a custom paint job from Top Gear Rally saved on a memory pak. Another way to get new boards is to unlock the "Ghost player" on a track. Defeat the "Ghost player" on the following tracks to unlock the corresponding board.

Twisty Canyon: Twisty Board

Polar Paradise: Jake

Splash Down: '55

Glacier Gulch: Tareh

Easy Slider: Typhoon

Funky Town: Lynwood Ghosts players:

Successfully complete a track under all three difficulty settings and break the best time score. A ghost player will appear under that track's hard difficulty setting. Hidden boarders:

Attain a overall first place ranking in each difficulty level under competition mode to unlock Ben, Nieno, Tok, and Boreth. Master mode:

Successfully complete the game under the first three difficulty levels. Mirror mode:

Successfully complete twisted mode. Play as Tiny (alternate):

Earn medals under each difficulty setting under competition mode. Play as G (alternate):

Successfully complete stunt challenge mode with over 28,000 points for a first place ranking. Twisted mode:

Successfully complete master mode. Quick start:

Press Up(2) immediately after the word "Go" disappears at the beginning of a race.