Game Platforms

TMNT 3 : Radical Rescue

Game Boy


Level Password

Before Scratch 1000002

After Scratch 2100002

After Card 1 4110102

Before Dirtbag 1111102

After Dirtbag 2311102

After Raphael 3311302

After Card 2 4331302

Before Triceraton 1311302

After Triceraton 2711302

After Donatello 3711702

After Card 3 4773702

Before Scale Tail 1777702

After Scale Tail 2H77702

After Splinter 3H77HO2

After Card 4 4HH7HO2

Before Shredder 1HHHH02

Always have 2 continues on passwords

On the last spot on the password you can always put 2 on the end no matter what password you got and get 2 continues.

16 Hearts on Shredder's level

At the password screen enter 1HHHHH2. After you enter it you will have 16 hearts and be on Shreder's level