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The Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time


Make Cuccos run into wall

As an adult, go to Lon Lon Ranch after getting Epona. Get on your horse and run over the Cuccos until they call for help. Though you are invincible, they will still chase after you. Have them chase you into the fenced off area with the jumps. Have the Cuccos chase you to the bigger gate, where you jump over. Though it does nothing to them, it is still funny to watch them smack their faces into the gate behind you. Note: The bigger gate is in the fenced off area where Malon sings as a kid and at night (not the gate that you must jump over to leave).

Defeating Barinade

At the beginning, keep moving. If you stop for too long, it will shoot you with a powerful shot of electricity. Keep moving and disconnect its three tentacles from the ceiling with your Boomerang. When it gets up, it should spin around. Hit it with your Boomerang to stun it, then go up and slash it with your sword. After a little while it will come back up with a full set of Bari, acting as a shield. Stay away from it at this point. When it disconnects them, attack the individual Bari with your Boomerang. When it starts to spin faster, if it has a full set of Bari, stay away. It is practically invincible, although if you managed to destroy some of the Bari, then it should have a hole in its defenses. Hit it with your Boomerang to stun it then run forward and slash it with your sword. Repeat this process to defeat Barinade.

Defeating the first Boss

Shoot her in the eye when it is red. If you do not, her babies will attack you.

Gold Rupee

To get the Gold Rupee without killing 100 spiders, go to the village with the graveyard. Go to the tree that is there as soon as you enter. Stand so you are facing the windmill and take ten steps forward. Lay down a bomb and a hole should open in the ground. This may require a few attempts. Go down the hole. Play the Sun Song to freeze the two zombies, then kill them. After that, open the chest that is in the middle to get the Gold Rupee. Note: This only works one time.

Bowser's face

Look at the object on Malon's neck.

Getting Biggoron's Sword

Use the following long trading sequence as an adult to get Biggoron's Sword. Go to the lady that gave young Link the empty bottle, when her Cuccos were rescued. She will give Link a Pocket Cucco egg. Wait for the egg to hatch, then bring it to Talon in Kakariko Village. Bring the Cucco back to the lady, to receive Cojiro, the Blue Cucco. Go to the Lost Woods, then turn left at the entrance. Give Cojiro to the man to receive an Odd Mushroom, which will spoil if too much time is wasted. Rush to the Potion shop in Kakariko Village, then go left into the room. Run into the shop to the right, then give the Mushroom to the lady at that location. She will give Link an Odd Potion. Hurry back to the Lost Woods. The man will be gone, but a Kokiri will be here. Give the Potion to her to receive the Poacher's Saw. Ride the horse to Gerudo Valley. There is a broken bridge here, so whip Epona to jump it. Give the saw to the carpenter that is outside to receive Biggoron's Broken Sword. Go to the top of Death Mountain, then walk to the right. Biggoron will appear, rubbing his eyes. He has an eye infection and will give link a Prescription. Bring the Prescription to King Zora after he has been unfrozen to receive the Eyeball frog, an ingredient for the Eyedrops. Hurry to the Lakeside Laboratory at Lake Hylia and give the Eyeball Frog to the Old Man. He will give Link the Eyedrops. Hurry back up to the Death Mountain Summit and ive the Eyedrops to Biggoron. After using them, he will give Link a Claim Check. Wait three days (play the Sun's Song six times to quickly pass the time), give him back the Claim Check to receive Biggoron's Sword. This weapon is twice as powerful as the Master Sword, and will not break like the Giant's Knife. Note: If Link is late during any of the time-sensitive parts of the trade, the game will restart back at the person you need to give the item to, and allow another try. Ocarina songs may not be used to teleport to a location during the trade.

Getting the Golden Gauntlets

Go to the shadow room in Ganon's Castle. When you enter the room, you will see green rubble. Destroy it so it does not get in your way. then longshot to the torch that you see. Next, longshot yourself to the Like Like and destroy it. Get Fire Arrows and shoot the torch. When catches on fire, use the Lens Of Truth and go for the switch on the right. Get on it and a treasure box will appear. Longshot over and open it to get the Golden Gauntlets.


To stab things, hold L + Up and attack.

First Boss password

In the room before the first Boss, hit the enemies in this order: 2, 3, 1. In Master Quest, use 3, 1, 2.

Finding Saria

When finding Saria, go to the Lost Woods and move in the following directions: Right, Left, Right , Left, Straight, Left, Right. You will then battle a dog-like creature. A few slashes with your sword will kill him. You will then enter a maze with monsters that shoot nuts at you. Use your Deku (fairy) shield to reflect them back at them. The maze is very simple, You will then find Saria. She will talk and give you Saria's song for your Ocarina.

Finding Gold Skulltulas

Hunt only at night because that is the time that the Gold Skulltulas appear. Some appear while Link is a child and some appear while he is an adult. A few appear during both these times. The Skulltulas like dirt patches, where the magic beans may be planted. Use a bottle of bugs to surface the spiders. Nine of the ten spots contain a Skulltula. Some like to hide in trees, so check them with a roll attack. It is wise to check most trees because most all of them have a good prize such as bombs or rupees if not a gold Skulltula. The Skulltulas can be in slingshot range many times, but require a boomerang to retrieve the token. They also love to hide in crates, so use the roll attack to break them.

Matrix-style move

This trick can only be done after you have the boomerang. Whenever you kill a Gold Skulltula and the gold skull token appears, Z-target it and throw your boomerang. When it snags it, immediately before your boomerang returns to you, do a backflip. Link will bend over backwards as if he were dodging bullets.

Defeating Iron Knuckles

An easier way to defeat the Iron knuckles (big enemies with big axes) is to first target him. Then, just as he swings, do a back flip. Then do a lunge attack as he finishes his swing. If he does a double swing, just wait for him to finish his second swing, and quickly do a lunge attack. If you get hit, try to lure him to hit a pillar or his chair. If he hits the chair or pillar, then hearts will appear. The only Iron Knuckle on which this strategy will work on is the one faced before the two witch sisters.

Free key in the Gerudo Training Grounds

Go into the lava room in which you must collect silver rupees in the Gerudo Training Grounds. Stand on the first platform and use the Song Of Time. You can jump to the two time blocks and grab the key above. If you keep going ahead, you will find the key room where you open the locked doors. You will find three treasure chests there. Do not open the door to the left. Only go to the right when you enter the key room in the entrance of the training ground. Note: Once you go back into the lava room, you will have to retrieve all the rupees you collected earlier. This is also another way to go through the room with only a hookshot.

Hidden pictures

Go to where Zelda is met for the first time. Look into the window on her left, as you enter. Pictures of Yoshi, Princess Toadstool, Mario, Bowser and Luigi can be seen. Look from different angles to see them all. Throw something into the window with Mario to receive 20 rupees. Throwing something into the other window will result in a lit bomb being thrown back at Link.

Unlimited Skulltulas

Go outside Hyrule Castle as young Link to where Talon is met. There will be a tree at that location. Play the Song of Storms and a grotto will appear. Enter the grotto, destroy the walls with a bomb, and kill the Skullata. Use the boomerang to get the token while doing a back flip to escape. Keep repeating this to get unlimited Skulltulas. Note: If done incorrectly. reset game and try again.

More money with Arrows Of Light

After getting the Arrows Of Light from Zelda, you will not have any problems with money, even if you do not have all golden Skulltulas. Just go to Lake Hylia or another location with enemies and kill them with the Arrows Of Light. You will always get a purple rupee (worth 50 rupees). This does not work with spiders on the walls or enemies who always give the same thing, such as the Poes.

Fall through Forest Temple

Go to the Forest Temple. Inside, go to the second twisty hallway (with the green flying skulls) and cast Faore's Wind. Return to the red/blue switch for the first twisty hallway (the one immediately after the blue flying skulls) and hit it. Return to your warp point and backtrack to the first twisty room. Go through the door, but do not walk after he goes through the door. Turn left and walk through the hole in the wall. You will end up below the level. Turn right and you will fall for a long time and be placed back where you can do it again. Reset to get out.

Freeze zombies

In order to freeze zombies you need to know the Sun's Song. Go up to a group of zombies and play the song. They will turn white and freeze for a little while. This works best in the market when you are an adult or in the royal family's tomb. Note: You can only hit them once before they unfreeeze.

Golden Scale

Go to the fishing pond at Lake Hylia at night. Fish until you catch a 20 lb. fish. Go to the shop owner and select "Weigh my fish". He will tell you that you have broken the record and give you the Golden Scale. This allows you able to dive deeper than with the Sliver Scale.

Mask Of Truth

As Young Link, go to the Happy Masks shop near the Temple Of Time after it opens when you have talked to the guard who lets you up Death Mountain and asks you to get a mask. The mask he wants is called the Keaton Mask and is worth ten rupees. Get it and take it to the guard. After that, go back to the shop and pay the money for the mask and get the Skull Mask. Take this to the lone Skull Kid in the Forbidden Woods, left from the start of the woods. He will buy it. Go back to the shop and get the Scary Mask. Take this to the kid who is at the graveyard during the day. He will buy it. Go back to the shop and get the Bunny Hood mask. This is the hardest mask to sell, as you have to look around the Hyrule Fields for the marathon runner, then wait until night when he stops running to talk to him. Note: You must put on the mask; you have to talk to the man with it on. When you have done all of this you will get the Mask of Truth from the Happy Mask shop. You will now have the ability to talk to Gossip Stones.

Quick fairies

You can have up to four Bottles to do this trick. Play the Prelude Of Light to warp to the Temple of Time. Go outside and go right. You should see four Gossip Stones. Play Zelda's Lullaby in front of each one to catch a Fairy. You will now have four Fairies, and your heart meter will fill up whenever you die until you run out of Fairies. You can also use the "Multiple bottle" trick to get more by exiting to a different screen and returning.

Items from trees

Roll into a tree in Hyrule field or in a town. The tree will randomly give Rupees, Hearts, Deku Nuts or other items, but at times will not give anything. Note: If you roll into the tree near a bunch of stones in a circle at Hyrule Castle, a golden Skulltula will appear. This trick also works at the tree closest to the entrance at Kakario village and Zora's river.

Freeze zombies

As an adult, go to Hyrule Market and kill a zombie to make the other zombies move towards you. hit one of the other zombies until there is only one hit remaining until it is killed. Then, try to get another zombie to get close to the one you are about to kill. They should be close enough where you can hit both zombies. When this happens, hit both zombies with one sword attack. As one zombie dies, the other one freezes. Note: This is easier to do with the Big Goron's Sword.

Target Cucco

Enter Lon-Lon ranch, as an adult. Go to the former Super Cucco room when it is empty of everything but chickens. Pick up a Cucco and equip the Hover-Boots. Climb the stairs and jump towards the shelf opposite with a crate and bucket on it. You will land underneath and see a shadow on the shelf, where the crate should be but nothing above it. You will also see just the front side of the bucket and crate. Throw the Cucco and it will fly through the shelf, landing on top. After a while it will fall off the shelf. You will now be able to Z-target this Cucco, but no others.

Defeating Morpha

He will summon a water arm to search for you. When Morpha does this, it will also appear in a separate tube of water. Using your Longshot. grab onto the red orb to bring it out of the water. Continue until it is defeated. Note: Near the end Morphia will send out another arm and sometimes three arms other than itself. Back up into a corner if this happens.

Easy Deku Sticks

To get 20 Deku Sticks, go to the Lost Woods, where you see a Deku shrub seller. Talk to him and get 20 Deku Sticks. To get 30 Deku Sticks, make sure you have the Skull mask and go to the part in the Lost Woods where you see two Deku shrub sellers. Go straight forward and fall in a grotto hidden in the tall grass. If you do not fall in it right away, keep moving around in there until you do. You will see an open place with a plant thing to the right. Put on your Skull mask and walk forward in front of where you see nothing. A large number of Deku Scrubs will appear, and look and seem as if they are communicating with one another. They will then jump around and the King Deku scrub will appear and give you the ability to hold up to 30 Deku Sticks. Note: Other masks will have different effects on the scrubs.

Defeating Gohma

When inside the Great Deku Tree, fighting the Boss Gohma, bring a full Slingshot and about five to ten Deku Nuts. When you enter, hit her with a Deku Seed from the Slingshot. Then, hit her with your sword. When she tries to go on the roof of the battlefield, hit her with another Deku Seed from the Slingshot. If you happen to run out of Deku Seeds, when she is on the ground use a Deku Nut. After about six to nine hits, she will die and you will get a Heart Container.

Golden Scale

Go to the fishing pond at Lake Hylia at night. Fish until you catch a 20 lb. fish. Go to the shop owner and select "Weigh my fish". He will tell you that you have broken the record and give you the Golden Scale. This allows you able to dive deeper than with the Sliver Scale.

Angry man

In the castle garden, shoot the left window. A man will throw a bomb at you.

Jumping sign

You must be an adult with the Megaton Hammer to do this trick. Go to a square sign and hit it with the Megaton Hammer so there is one full piece of sign laying on the ground. Then, hit the ground next to the sign rapidly with the Megaton Hammer to see the sign jump.

Forward flip

When you get the Hover Boots, equip them. Remember that the Hover Boots have little traction, so you will slide when you run and stop. Begin running, quickly release the Analog-stick, and hold R + Back + A. You will be in a backflip stance, but will go forwards instead of back.

Helpless Navi

In Kakariko Village, go inside where the windmill is located. Press A to make Navi appear. Stand on the spinning thing, and play the Song Of Storms. Just stand there. Since the windmill is going faster, you will see Navi flying behind you, trying to catch up. She will continuously try to get back inside your shirt, but will never make it.

Mario and friends

Go to the garden in the castle. Go to the right and look in the window.

Rupees with Bunny Mask

After completing the Forest Temple, return to the Temple of Time. Drop the Master Sword back into the stone to change back to Young Link. Go to the mask shop and make sure Link can borrow the Bunny Mask. Link should also have the Giant's Wallet (that holds 500 rupees) for this trick to be most effective. Thirty Gold Skulltulas should also have been collected, and Link should have talked to one of the kids in the house in Kakariko Village that has the curse on them to get the wallet. Buy as much as possible with the current amount of rupees. Go to Hyrule Field and run to the right, towards Lon Lon Ranch. Run until a man running around like an idiot comes into view. Follow him until he sits down and gets tired. Wear on the Bunny Mask and talk to him. He will ask for the mask and fill Link's wallet with rupees.