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Teen Titans


Unlockable Arenas

City Cathedral - Complete City Night Showdown Level

Larry's World - Complete Danger Yard Level

Mad Mansion - Complete 1st part of Jail of Horror Level

Mumbo's Big Top - Complete 2nd part of Magic Mayhem Level

The Hive - Complete Hive Academy Level

Raven's Mirror - Complete Thriller Driller Level

Sky Needle - Complete Titan Tower Level

Titan Tower - Complete Slade Ambush Level

Slade's Lair - Complete Final Clash Level

Multi-player mode levels

Levels are unlocked in multi-player mode as you progress in story mode.

Defeating Cinderblock

Cinderblock starts straight forward. Attack him until he has about half of his hit points left. An intermission sequence will start, where you will get sent into a hole in the ground. Defeat all the enemies in the new area and Cinderblock will attack you again. Then, do the team charged attack to finish him off.

Team Charged attack colors

Each Titan is represented by a different color in the team attack. You must go to the one that represents that Titan then do a charged attack to lock them in place.

Robin: Yellow

Cyborg: Blue

Beast Boy: Green

Starfire: Orange

Raven: Purple

Defeating Slade

This is a long fight. Slade fights you for awhile, then flees and lets his henchmen attack you. You must defeat all henchmen before he will come out of his barrier. Slade has demonic powers received from Trigon. It is better if you to keep your distance from him. When he uses his charged attack, it will cause serious damage to anyone up close, hitting them three or four times. He will attack you three or four times before you can finish him off with your team attack.

Defeating Terrigon

Defeating Terrigon is similar to defeating Plasmus. The only thing that is different is that he has an electronic barrier. To break the barrier, stand on a green platform that will temporally short-out the shield. It will not take long; be ready and already hold the barrel you will throw at him through the barrier. You probably will not have time to hit him with another barrel before the barrier returns. Repeat the process until the team is ready for the team attack. Unlike all the other times, the team's placement is not near one another. They will form a circle around Terrigon.

Defeating Mumbo Jumbo

In the first Mumbo Jumbo stage there is a part where Beastboy is holding a bus. To protect him use Starfire. Use Starfire's super move repeatedly to keep the giant rabbits stunned. If one gets close to Beastboy, use Starfire's charged starbolt attack. In the second Mumbo Jumbo stage, towards the end of the fight there will be a corner of the level with each Titan's face in a circle. Take each Titan one by one to the circle that represents them. They will lock in place until you get all five. Then, a big attack that will defeat Mumbo Jumbo will occur.

Concept Art

Each Larry the Titan you find in a level, unlocks concept art in the gallery extras menu.

Concept art

Collect the hidden Larry the Titan in each level to unlock a new concept art entry in the gallery.

Defeating Plasmus

Do not bother attacking Plasmus. You cannot hurt him. Instead, gather up the barrels and throw them at him. They will episode. After reducing his hit points, a team-charged attack must be used to finally defeat him. To do this, do the same done against Mumbo Jumbo earlier in the game.

Multiplayer Mode Stages

Just play through Story Mode to unlock Multiplayer Mode Stages.

Multiplayer Mode Stages - Play through Story Mode

Multiplayer Mode Characters

All you have to do is just play through Story Mode and eventually unlock characters.

Multiplayer Mode Characters - Play through Story Mode

Master of games character list:

Note: Characters are unlocked in multi-player mode as you progress in story mode.

Apprentice (Hero): An alternate version of Robin,

Beast Boy (Hero): Teen Titan capable of shape-shifting into animals,

Blackfire (Villain): Starfire's sister; plays exactly like Starfire,

Blocker (Henchman): Robotic fighting machine,

Bumble Bee (Hero): Uses powerful twin lasers,

Bunnyguard (Henchman): Mumbo Jumbo's bodyguard,

Cinderblock (Villain): Made of concrete and stone, strongest character in the game,

Clown Beast Boy (Hero): An alternate version of Beast Boy,

Control Freak (Villain): Attacks with a variety of sci-fi gadgets,

Cyborg (Hero): Part-robot with enormous strength,

Cyclone (Hero): An alternate version of Cyborg,

Dr. Light (Villain): Uses the power of light to attack,

Fang (Villain): Plays the same as Gizmo in his mecha-spider,

Gizmo (Villain): Attacks with mechanical contraptions of his own design,

Hive Soldier (Henchman): Works for the Hive Academy, a school for supervillains,

Hotspot (Hero): Uses powers of flame to attack,

Jinx (Villain): Jinx's powers of bad luck are translated into powerful energy attacks,

Mad Mod (Villain): Wears an exoskeleton designed after the London Royal Guard,

Mammoth (Villain): Uses his great strength to defeat his enemies,

Mega Meaty Meat Beast Boy (Henchman): An alternate version of Beast Boy,

Mumbo Jumbo (Villain): A diabolical magician,

Plasmus (Villain): Blob monster army leader encountered during story mode,

Plasmus Kid (Henchman): A fighting blob monster,

Raven (Hero): Fights with ranged telekinesis attacks,

Red Raven (Hero): An alternate version of Raven,

Red X (Villain): Robin's alter-ego come to life,

Robin (Hero): Acrobatic melee fighter,

Slade (Villain): Arch-enemy to the Teen titans, clever fighter,

Slade Minion (Henchman): Generic foot soldier in the employ of Slade,

Speedy (Hero): Attacks with bow and arrow,

Starfire (Hero): Powerful ranged beam attacks,

Tempest (Henchman): Robotic fighting machine,

Terra (Hero): Geomancy powers let her attack with rock projectiles and landslides,

Trigon (Villain): Raven's demon father fights with flame attacks and powerful punches,

White Raven (Hero): An alternate version of Raven,

Wildebeest (Hero): Powerful man-beast.

Robin: Bicycle kicks

When you get Robin's first super move in story mode ([A], [Y], [A]) and use it, he will continuously kick his opponent then hit them with his pole. If you look closely at Robin when he is kicking the enemy, he is using Bicycle Kicks, similar to those used by Liu Kang in the Mortal Kombat games.