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Tactics Ogre


Cheat :

Effortless Level Up:

This trick helps you level up your characters without doing anything. Just go into training mode at any board. Set your parties and when it asks you who is going to control who on the screen, just set the computer for both of them. Now sit back and enjoy the show.

Holy Angel Class:

To get a Holy Angel, Level up a healer (priest or Cleric) to aroud level 30, If you have used her well in battle in healing and training, when she dies she will automatically resurrect herself into an Angel. Her desciption is as follows, Only a female with a good soul and warrior training can ressurect into this angel. same as an Exorcist, she can use Holy attack magic and uses angel language.

Lich Class:

In order to get a Lich (a Lich is a magicain that can use undead magic, such as Necro) equip a Wizard with the Undead Ring. Go into battle with it equipped. Have him get killed by an enemy. Right after he dies, a little symbol should show up where he just got killed. Then he ressurects into a Lich.

Pumpkin Class:

First, get a glass pumpkin from a random floor in the Hell Gate by deafeting and enemy.

Second, Go to Deneb's (which means you can't have her in your party) and go to the recruit option you can recruit the amount of pumkinheads according to how many glass pumkins in your inventory.

Sell Your Animals For Items:

Fire Sword: it is made out of the scales of a red dragon, a dragon killer. If you sell a RED DRAGON (its level MUST be 15 or over) at Castle Coritani, you can buy this item.

Dark Dragon Blade: A blade made out of Tiamatt's teeth. A dragon killer. You can buy this in Brigantes Castle when you sell a Tiamatt with level of 20 or more.

Blue Dragon's Claw: A dragon killer made out of blue dragon's claws. If you sell a blue dragon of level 15 or more at Fiduc Castle, you get this.

Black Dragon's Staff: A staff favored by the master of hell Ordour. If you sell a black dragon of level 15 or more at shop of Banisha Castle, you can buy this.

Spark Shoes: a shoe made out of a red dragon's scale. You can walk on the lava with this equipped. If you sell a red dragon of level 15 or more at Krizar, you can buy this.

Dragon's Horn: This can summon storm. If you sell a thunder dragon of level 10 or more at Grimsby, you can buy this.

Operion's Tear: This will drive away the rain. If you sell an octopus of level 10 or more at Grimsby, you can buy this.

Steak: this will increase your STR by 10. If you sell ANY dragon of level 20 or more at Heim, you can buy this.

Chicken: Increase VIT by 10. If you sell any griffon of level 20 or more at Heim, you can buy this. (Don't let Canopus see it!!)

Hamburger: This will increase INT by 10. If you sell any cockatrice of level 20 or more at Heim, you can buy this item.

Octoball: This will increase MEN by 10. If you sell any octopus of level 20 or more at Heim, you can buy this.

Escape Stone: when you use this you can escape the battle. Sell any Golem of level 20 or more at Heim, then you can buy this. Glass Pumpkin: You can get this in the Hell Gate.

Strange Names:

At the begining name the main charicter "bigloader" and after about ten battles he will be HUGE but his attacks will only count for five. Also Kachuas (your sister's) name will be "badbapork"! After around thirty battles all your hits will take 900 and your sisters name will turn to "chonliks"!

Training Tip:

After acquiring the four pieces of warrior equipment in Death Palace, go into training. For each level you gain your luck will increase according to how many pieces you have on.

After gaining a few levels this way, the enemy will have a low chance of hitting you and you will critical hit almost every attack.