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Level Secrets

Here's some secrets for the game.

Level 1: Blow up building near sub terranian peice with your missiles and lasers. You'll get laser level 2 and your missiles back.

Level 2: Use the Doomsday monster's tale as a weapon.

Level 3: Destroy the main monster before returning to the mission.

Level 4: Underneath all of the construction hides an extra life.

Level 5: Power 4 blasters are underneath the reactor core. You must already have Powers 2-3.

Level 6: There's a secret weapon underneath the guardian.

Level 7: Use missiles to defeat the jumpers + spiders.

Level 8: Get the mirror lazer beforehand and save up fuel - you'll need it.

Level 9: Kill the spike-jumper and a secret compartment opens up. Inside is an extra life.