Game Platforms

Snowboard Kids

Nintendo 64

Cheat :

All snowboards, characters, and courses:

Press Analog-stick Down, Analog-stick Up, Down, Up, C-Down, C-Up, L, R, Z, Left, C-right, Analog-stick Up, B, Right, C-Left, Start at the starting screen. Nancy will laugh to confirm correct code entry.

Quicksand Valley course:

Earn gold cups on courses one through six. A new snowboard and the Quicksand Valley desert track will now be available.

Silver Mountain course:

Earn a gold cup on the "Quicksand Valley" bonus course. This will also enable a special ending sequence will all characters.

Ninja Land course:

Earn a gold cup on the "Silver Mountain" bonus course.

Play as Shinobin:

Earn a gold cup on the "Ninja Land" bonus course.

Turbo Boost:

Tap A when the referee says "Ready!"