Game Platforms

Sim Farm


Cheat :

1 million:

Grow oranges near New York five times and ignore each crop failure.

Cheat mode:

Type one of the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

$10,000 corn

$10,000 to mayor fund

Three cows in perfect health poultry

Display llama screen llama

Display version number v

Test mode t

Hint :


Hint: Good strawberry crops:

Shortly after your strawberries turn from green to light red, flood the field. You will notice a great difference in the price value when harvested. You can also do this a month before you have to harvest the field.

Hint: Oranges:

If you plant oranges, you can earn up to $28,000. The crop will need to be changed however, because it takes nutrients out of the soil. Switch it with sugar beets and strawberries.

Walkthrough :

Florida oranges tactics

1. Load oranges

2. Grow in the south, near Florida

3. Harvest your crop

4. Toss in a wind storm and drought

5. Make sure you've got enough trucks for each crop (they get harvest within a couple of week of each other).

6. You've got $35k each crop, so you've got your 10 million maximum soon

Strawberry tactics

1. Start anywhere and grow strawberries.

2. During the last two or three weeks put in droughts and your strawberries will be worth 20 thousand.

3. Also put in scheduling:

4. one week fertiliser,

5. two weeks fungicide,

6. one week herbicide,

7. one week pesticide,

8. three weeks fertiliser and

9. at the last week throw in a fungicide if it needs it.

* Alternative tactics: After harvesting the strawberries, throw in a frost and the market price will be sky high.

Real estate tactics

1. Get your own region.

2. Have a river or lake go through your farm

3. Sell the land which has water, and buy land with no water.

4. The effect is that you have more money.

Ditches vs. Fences hint

* When you have animals you should never use fences. If you use irrigation ditches and run water through them your animals will never get out. They can't even get out if they are hungry or need water.

Real estate tactics

* Buy land around city and when city needs development, sell it at high price.