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Shinobi III : Return of the Ninja Master



At the title screen, choose Options. In the Options menu, move down to the "S.E." command and use the B button to play these songs in order: "He Runs," "Japonesque," "Shinobi Walk," "Sakura," and "Getufu." Exit the Options screen and start your game. You are now invincible!

Bonus Points

Here is a handy hint to boost your score. Go through the hold stage without using your shurikens. If you manage this feat then you will be rewarded with 30,000 points in your Shinobi Bonus. I have been told you get a 50,000 points for not using your sword but I haven't pulled that one off yet.

Unlimited Shurikens

At the Options screen, set SHURIKENS to 0, then set SOUNDS to "Shuriken". Highlight SHURIKENS again and the 0 will change into an infinity symbol.