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Shining Force II


Super Strength

Get your character's experience to 99, exactly 99, not one less, not one more(you can achieve it by attacking your opponents barehanded to gain 1 exp). Then by using the control opponent code, use an enemy who has the spell of confuse. Cast it on a character in your party, not the enemies! If he hits and then the character will go a level up and have a life meter of 200 and the other attributes are with. Note: This code is confirmed on the Japanese version of the game as well as the American version.

Super God

Get Sheela's boost spell up to level 2 and get all of your characters within casting range, and simply cast it. Wait until it wears off and cast it again - you can get her up to level 99 this way and she will have atleast 200 HP, 150 MP, 175 attack, 160 defense, and 225 agility. This makes her stronger than Volcanon. Try and select a random battle to try this trick in, like the one near Yeal. Choose a hard battle and you just might not make it.

Secret Book

Go to the hidden glen. Go inside the inn. Go to the second floor. You should see two bookcases. Search the one closest to the stairs. The secret book promotes Kazin or Tyrin to sorceror.

Secret Battle

In the Hidden Glen, if you walk down and to the left after you enter the town, you will cross over the path on which you entered the town by walking on a hidden bridge. Walk past the treasure chest and off the right side of the screen. You will come to a hidden battle area where you will enter into a timed battle. Some monsters are pretty strong and they do not appear right away. Fight fast to recieve the best time!

Name All Characters

To name all of your characters besides the leader, simultaneously press A, C and Start while at the name leader screen.

Hidden Character: Taya

When you save Mitula go to the room on the left. There will be a stone. Look at it and the SORC TAYA will talk to you and then she will join you.

Hidden Character: Skreech

After you go to talk to Volcanon you would normally go talk to King Bedoe, don't! Go down a level and go to the first outside pirch you see. It will hold a bird telling you her hatchling is sleeping. Go back up a level and go to outside pirch there. Talk to the little bird. Go back down and talk to the same mother bird from earlier. Go out side. Walk around the left hand side without leaving. The "camera" should move up to the same mother bird. The baby is jumping around. It will fall off and land on you head. The mother will thank you for saving his life and call him back. Once you save mitula and start to leave tristan you will meet the same bird that you had saved earlier and he will join your group.

Hidden Character: Sheela

After crashing the ancient ship. One of the first cities you come too will have training monks in it. Walk around on the left side of the city and go up. You will find Sheela bathing in a spring.

Hidden Character: May

To have May join your force, follow these directions. After your ship crashes, do what you're supposed to do. Travel east from your new town. You'll find a river. If there is a cave surrounded by water, you're on the right track. Go North a little and then east. When You find a town, go in. Follow the person that is scared of you and when you get to his house, talk to the old person. When he's done talking, go south of the village. You should see a centaur. Talk to her and she will join your force.

Hidden Character: Kiwi

When returning from Galam to Old Grandseal, look in a little shed. Inside you'll find a little tortoise who will join your party after you name him. Once promoted to monster he starts out weak in attack strengh but he also can blech flames which does nice damage!

Hidden Character: Claude

When you find the Arm of Golem, take it to the nexis between Grans Island and Parmecia. Travel to the far western side and you will find a golem slumped against a pillar. Use the Arm and Claude will join your party.

Hidden Character: Chaz

To get Chaz follow these instructions: First when you get back on Grans Island (about to face Zeon) go to Yeel and play the piano in one of the houses. Then go to the church. The priest will think you're devils. Chaz will come and tell the priest otherwise. Follow them downstairs and they will talk about Zeon and the Holy sword when they stop talking Chaz will block your way, talk to him and he'll join you.

Get All Four Characters In Creed's Mansion

After you see the first movie of Odd Eye and Zeon, go back to Creed's mansion and all 4 characters (except for the one you chose) will join you.

Fourteenth Mithril

The fourteenth mithril is on Grandseal island. After crashing the Nascan ship, go to the monestary. Outside the monestary in the lower right hand corner there is a path through the bushes to the right. Follow the path and you will find a chest with mithril in it.

Final Battle

After you finish the game, a blue box with "The End" will appear. Let the game site for at least 5 minutes. Eventually the display will change to "and more...?" Press A, B, or C and you'll be sent to a final battle against all the bosses. Good luck!

Enchanted Weapon: Evil Lance

Towards the end of the game, at the entrance to the tower, there is an Evil Lance located behind the head. Go around on the left side and search.

Enchanted Weapon: Evil Axe

After acquiring the Holy Sword, go back inside the entrance of the cave. The stone blocking the chest has been rolled away. In the chest you will find the Evil Axe.

Enchanted Items: Two Brave Apples

The first brave apple is in the tunnel next to Mr. Creeds house. The one Elric opens after you save him. There is a hidden path at the bottom by the stairs so keep trying to walk down into the wall. The second one is in the middle pot in the monk monistary where you find Sheela Brave apples will ake one person raise one level.

Enchanted Item: Warrior Pride

To find the Warrior Pride that promotes Jaha or Randolf to baron, do this. Enter the Warrior Room (the place where all your guys are lined up) of New Grand Seal Castle. Directly behind them on the wall there is a banner. Search here and the Warrior Pride will be yours.

Enchanted Item: Vigor Balls

Vigor Balls promote Sarah or Karna to Master Monk. One is in a chest in the Hidden Glen. Walk past the houses and go to the left. Walk through the trees. You should find a chest containing a Vigor Ball.

Another Vigor Ball is can be found in Sheela's Monastery. Go to the pool where you found Sheela and search the trees nearby. One of them holds a Vigor Ball.

Enchanted Item: Silver Tank

In the dark cave{the first one with a hobgoblin} on the farthest right side of the cave is a treasure chest. In it you'll find the silver tank. This fun item will allow you to promote Archers into brass guners. Enjoy!

Enchanted Item: Running Ring

At Creed's Mansion, after you have been shrunken by the "magical door", you will see a ring lying on the floor in the middle of the room. If you pick it up it is just an ordinary ring. But if you continue the scenario, coming back when it is possible to reenter the room, the ring will have become enchanted! When you return, search for it and you will uncover the Running Ring!

Enchanted Item: Pegasus Wing

The Pegasus Wing promotes a Knight to a Pegasus Knight. It is hidden in the centaur town of Pacalon. Go to the castle and find the blue carpet near the king. Walk down the right side of the carpet and search the wall that you run into.

Enchanted Item: Evil Shot

Just before entering Galam from the rear after returning to the Island, search a bush next to the entrance BEFORE entering. The item may not be there if you don't search before entering.

Enchanted Item: Engulf Sword

The Engulf Sword can be found near Granseal's (the city) "Blood Volcano". Search the exit of the path, near some bushes. If you equip this sword to a cursed team-mate, you wont be able to "unequip" it, but you wont want to anyway, whereas it casts the famous "cover" spell each time it is used. The cover spell puts a blackish-grey cloud over your enemy and slowly drains the mp, hp, and kp, much like the "Jilon" spell.

Enchanted Item: Chirrup Sandals

The Chirrup Sandals are located in the jail near the beginning of the game.

Easy Weapons

Here's a little cheat to get those powerful weapons faster. Here's what you have to do. First activate the configuration mode and select yes when ask if you want to control enemies. Next enter a battle with enemies that have those rare weapons. When you take control of the enemy, make him discard his weapon(if he has one). After that you can either cast Egress or finish the battle. Finally go to any town, enter a shop and go to the DEALS option. You should be able to find the weapons you discarded from enemies in earlier battles. You can also "steal" any ring and rare item that enemies may be carrying.

Difficulty Select

For a harder game, use the Configuration code to complete the game, then reset and choose to begin a new game. After you name your character, you're given the option to change the game difficulty. Choose from Normal, Hard, Super or Ouch!


When the SEGA logo appears, quickly press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, B. You'll hear a short tune if you entered it correctly.

Now hold Start through the witch's opening menus. Continue holding Start while you choose to begin or continue a game. The witch should bring you to Configuration mode.