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Secrets Of The Luxor


Walkthrough :


Hotel Room

Pickup backpack in corner. Pickup hat and shows. Go to nightstand. Pickup the

portable VCR. Pickup the journal on the bed. Look at the videos (you can

select the VCR and then move back up to the main window to use it). Read the

journal. Go to the bathroom. Pickup the magnifying glass and toothbrush. Exit

the bathroom. Pickup the letter under the door and read it. Exit through the


Terror Room

Look at the key pad. Use the key card in the key pad. Enter the access code.

Enter through the door.

Top Elevator Entrance

Read the sign. Push the red button. Enter the elevator.


Operate the elevator. Exit the elevator.

Bottom Elevator Entrance

Look in the open crate and pickup the VR goggles. Enter the King's room.

King's Room

Walk left to the computer terminal and use it. Enter the access code you used

earlier. Read all the files and exit the computer. Use the VR Goggles. The

light halos indicate doors that you will need to open. Walk to the middle.

This is the Egg Puzzle. Walk back to the beginning of the bridge so you are

facing the Egg Puzzle. Look down left and you will see a ladder. Use the

ladder. About one story up you can see the floor. Hmm..that floor pattern

sure looks familiar.

King's Room Lower Level

Walk right and you will see a barred room. Walk right again and you come to

an open door. Go through the door. This is the Water Puzzle room. Exit and go

left again. The next door is the rock-crushing room. You will come back to

both of these rooms later. Go back up the ladder to the top.

King's Room

Walk towards the entrance door. To the left you will see a stone wall. There

is a loose stone. Push the stone and a door will open. Go through it.

Reflector Room

Look at the far wall. You will see a hand pointing in a direction. This is

another clue to the Egg Puzzle. Go back to the main chamber.

King's Room

Go to the center where the Egg Puzzle is. Use the Egg Puzzle. Put in the two

solutions you have seen in the Reflector Room and on the floor. Look in your

journal on page 18 to get the last solution. You now have solved the Egg


Water Puzzle Room

Go back down the ladder and into the Water Puzzle room. Go to the front and

turn around. Go up the stairs and go to the front control panel. Look in the

back cover of your journal. This is what the levers should end up as when you

pull the main lever. Once you have solved the Water Puzzle, exit the room and

go back up the ladder to the top.

Spike Entrance Room

Go to the left of the crates and push in the center. Walk through the door

and you will see a device and a cove. The solution for the device is in the

cove. Once you solve the puzzle you will see a diagram. Figure out the

diagram and enter the spike room.

Spike Room

Take the far left door. Once in the corridor, you will see a silver star door

on the left. Enter it.

Constellation Room

Write down the constellations you see then continue down the corridor.

Stellar Room

Walk to the silver control panel and put in the four constellations. You

should see the spikes going down. Enter the next room.

Sun Temple

Look at the wall. This is one of the solutions for the Wheel Puzzle. Look at

the pedestal below the mummy and move the switch to the Sun position. Walk

all the way back to the King's Room. Go back to the reflector room (by

pushing the loose brick).

Reflector Room

Turn both reflectors so they face the back wall. Turn the crystal in the

center. A door will open. Walk through the door.

Reflector Room Throne

After hearing the message, turn back around and pick up the Egyptian Cross

Key. Go back to the King's Room.

Wheel Room

In the King's Room, go to the wall to the right of the computer terminal and

enter the door. Walk around the maze until you go down and see a statue of a

Queen's head. Open the top of the statue and make a note of the three

symbols. Go back up and walk around until you enter the Wheel Room. Put in

the sumbols from the Queen's head and the order from the Sun Temple wall.

Enter the hole.

Barred Room

Pull the lever. Get all the way back to the King's Room.

Rock-Crushing Room

Go down the ladder and into the rock-crushing room. Use the key in the Lion's

head to get the white crystal. Go back up to the top and enter the door on

the wall to the back of the bridge (you will be right at it when coming up

the ladder).

Pit Room

Walk around until you enter a cavern-like room. Go to the left and put the

white crystal in the organ. Go to the right and pick up the three crystals.

Turn the wheel and a stone bridge will appear. Walk across it and put all

four crystals in the holders. A door will open.

Last Resting Room

Walk to the chair and get the symbols off of it. Go back to the doorway and

face the chair. Take one step forward and look right. You will see a passage.

Go through it.


Stairway Puzzle

Listen to the message and then go to the control panel. Pass your hand over

the symbols in the order in which they were on the chair. The stairs should


Transporter Control Room

Walk up the stairs and take the right corridor. There is a small door on the

right. Enter it. Turn on all of the small control panels on the walls. Hit

the button on the main control panel. Exit and then take the left corridor.

Golden Octogon Puzzle

In the middle of the room is a golden octogon on the floor. Solve this

puzzle. You will see a control panel come up.

Body Scan Control Panel

Figure out how to use the controls. It will scan your body and you can now go

through teleport doors.

Embalmbing Room

Go back to the first teleporter door you saw (in the circular room with the

control panel) and go through it. go left and go left again. Go through the

Egyptian cross door. You can play with the scale flying chariot, check out

some brains, dead bodies, etc. but the important thing here is the circular

door that looks like a safe. Go to it, open the outer door, then grab the

handhold on the inner door and keep trying until it hits the stationary ring

(you will need to move it fastly). You will then hear a click. Go back up the

stairs and back to the hallway. Go left and through the huge gold box at the

end of the hall on the left.

Power Link Room

Go left again and you should enter the power link room (this is shown on the

back of the game box). Go up to the front and click the three white buttons

on the right of the g

Questions and Answers



I just started. What do I do?

Pick up the backpack, pick up items, and head out the door. You might also

want to take a look at your items... You can select it, then scroll back up

to the main window to use the item.

What's the access code for the computer?

Same as for the Terror Room keypad.

What's the crystal pyramid for? It never seems to work on anything.

You'll use it near the end.

What's the toothbrush for? It never works on anything.

It is not needed to solve the game but it might come in handy somewhere.

I noticed near the very end that there was an elevator that goes up to the

Cathedral. Does this mean I could have taken this from the beginning? I never

really looked there before.

No, while the shaft is there, you cannot use it until all the rings have been



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Review and Thoughts


Overall this was a very good game with more gameplay then Myst. I found the

graphics, music, and general layout to be very good. The plot was also very

good..although I have one thing I am confused about. In the end, Osiris is

very old and he mentions waiting 300 years. I don't understand this as I

thought he teleported 300 years ahead like I did. Perhaps he only teleported

a few years? I also found the last level a little short. Overall, the game is

well worth its money and I wouldn't have this web site up if I didn't think

it was. Long live Mojave...

Unfortunately I have been unable to use graphics from this extraodinary game

due to complications in obtaining copyright permission. That is the downside

I have seen with Mojave and Secrets of the Luxor.

These pages are unofficial and are not associated with Mojave.

General Hints


o Not all items can be clicked. Some can be slided, rotated, pushed, or


o You have to solve a puzzle to open up paths elsewhere.

o The camera comes in handy. Take pictures of anything that might be a


o Always look everywhere. Sometimes when you reach a dead end the answer

is in the same room.

These pages are unofficial and are not associated with Mojave.

Title: The Body Scan Control Panel

The Body Scan Control Panel


o The three rows of buttons are sliders.

The Body Scan Control Panel


Bottom row left to right, top row left to right, middle row left to right.

Scans your body so you can use transport doors.

Title: The Coordinates Puzzle

The Coordinates Puzzle


o The solution is in your journal.

The Coordinates Puzzle


o X and Y coordinates with the bottom left being (0,0)

o (15,1)

o (5,3)

o (11,7)

o (14,7)

o (16,9)

o (5,12)

o (13,15)

o (12,16)

o (14,17)

o (8,11)

Ends Crypto Egypt level.

Title: The Egg Puzzle

The Egg Puzzle


o The hand solution is in the Reflector Room. Tell me more.

o The link solution is on the King's Room floor. Tell me more.

o The button solution is in your journal. Tell me more.

The Egg Puzzle


The hand solution is on the back wall of the Reflector room. The Reflector

room is located to the left of the main door in the King's room.

Go to the wall to the left of the main door. You will see a loose stone. Push

the stone and you can enter the temple.


The hand should point to the bottom-left (8 O'Clock).

The Egg Puzzle


You can see the solution to the links by looking on the King's Room floor as

you go down the ladder.


Go down the ladder to the left of the bridge and look down about 1 story from

the bottom.


Going clock-wise with the 12 O'clock position being 1, and the 11 O'Clock

position being 16:

o 1 Normal

o 2 Normal

o 3 Crossed

o 4 Normal

o 5 Normal

o 6 Normal

o 7 Crossed

o 8 Normal

o 9 Normal

o 10 Normal

o 11 Crossed

o 12 Normal

o 13 Normal

o 14 Normal

o 15 Crossed

o 16 Normal

Page 18.


Numbered clock-wise with the 12 O'Clock position being 1 and the 11 O'Clock

position being 16:

o 6 Pushed

o 11 Pushed

o 13 Pushed

The Elevator Puzzle


o Hit the bottom button to start.

o There are more to the controls than meets the eye.

Open up the control panel and flip the three switches.

Allows you to reach the King's Room.

The End Solution

After disabling the reader beams, you can walk to the top of the obolisk and

follow directions. Once you have done what has been asked of you, you can

watch some video and then there will be a countdown. If you want to save the

world, you'll have to rid it of Osiris. How do you do that? I'll let you

figure it out. If you just can't..well being the nice guy I am I'll provide a


Notice the energy coming from the obolisk is going into a blue hole. If you

rotate the bridge this energy beam moves too. I think you can see what to do

from there.

The Red and Blue Lights Puzzle


o You want all of the lights to be the same color.

Title: The Red and Blue Lights Puzzle

The Red and Blue Lights Puzzle

o You want all of the lights to be blue.

It appears that the game may change it randomly but the following worked for


First row left, second row left, third row right

Opens doors to elevator control panel.

The Mummy Room Puzzle


o You have to enter the four symbols in a certain order and number.

o The clue is in the hologram room.

Person, Snake, Person, Triangles, Person, Snake, Person

Opens winding stairs.

The Golden Octogon Puzzle


o The diagram on the octogon describes the order in which you do something

in the room.

o Push the bottom of the statues in the order described on the octogon.

Back, Left, Front, Right, Back

Front is facing the gold door and back is facing the blue door.

Allows you to get to the Body Scan control panel.

The Pit Room Puzzle


o Get the clear crystal. Tell me more.

o Go to the Solar Throne room.

o Get the key (Egyptian cross)

o Go through the rock-crushing room and open up the Lions head.

o Use Clear Crystal in organ.

o Pick up colored crystals.

o Turn the wheel.

o Walk across and put all crystals into the new base.

Allows entrance to the Pit Room Throne room.

The Power Link Puzzle


Click on the three white buttons on the right of the generator and the right

floor strip will light up. This opens up the hologram room.

Click on the three white buttons on the left of the generator and the left

floor strip will light up. This opens up the catacomb room.

Opens doors.

Title: The Obolisk Reader/Rotation Puzzle

The Obolisk Protection Beams Puzzle


o In order to get to the obolisk, you will have to disable the protection


o Using the rotator control at the top of the steps rotates the bridge so

you can go in other doors.

Use the rotator control to move the bridge so you can enter each room - there

are four rooms with a leaver to disable the protection beams.

The buttons to push are NW, N, NE, SE.

For more detailed instructions on how to disable the beams, check the


Disables obolisk protection beams.

Disabling the Rock Crushing Room


o Solve the Wheel Puzzle.

o Pull the lever in the room after the Wheel room.

Disables people-crushing rock.

Title: The Safe Puzzle

The Door Puzzles

Puzzle 1 is located through the Egyptian Cross in the Embalmbing Room. Puzzle

2 is located after the winding stairways.


o When you go through the outer door, there is another door.

o Grab the black hand slot and keep pulling it fastly until it hits the

stationary ring and clicks.

o Then you can exit go back up and take a left and another left and that

huge gold box will be open.

Opens doors.

The Secret Guy


Use the VR Goggles in the Constellation Room and you will see a guy with some


The Secret Movie

There are many QuickTime movies on both CDs that you can view with a Movie

Player. You might find one or two movies that are not in the game.

The Secret Room


There is a secret room with pictures of all of the programmers. It is under a

bridge in the Power Link room. If I said anymore I would really be giving it

away. Oh, that toothbrush does actually have a use.

The Obolisk Six-Slide Puzzle


Here's a good hint: Don't spend too much time trying to solve this one..It's

a decoy.

Activating the Solar Room


o You must do three things.


o Turn the panels. Tell me more.

o Turn the crystal pyramid.

o Activate the light. Tell me more.

o Look on the wall to the left of the computer terminal.

Turn both panels so they face the door.


o After you solve the spike puzzle, you can go past the Stellar room and

into the Sun Temple.

Turn the switch on the bottom of the mummy pedestal.

Allows entrance to the Solar Throne room and allows you to get the key to the

Lions Head.

The Spike Room Puzzle


o After solving the machine puzzle in the Spike Room Entrance, you will

see your clue.

o The coins represent something.

o The silver coins represent doors you can't get to, the gold coins

represent doors you can get to.

o Give me the answer.

The only door you can go to is the left-side door towards the far side of the


the Spike Room puzzle allows you access to the Stellar Room and the Sun


The Spike Entrance Puzzle


o Once in the Spike Entrance room, walk into the cove and you will see the



Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up

the Spike Entrance Puzzle opens the door to the Spike Room.

The Golden Stairs Puzzle


o Pass your hand over a symbol to activate it.

o Symbols must be done in a certain order.

o The symbols are on the chair in the Pit Room Throne room..

Drink, Egyptian Cross, Snake, Food

or just Buttons 3 1 4 2

Extends stairs so you can continue on.

The Stellar Room Puzzle


o The buttons correspond to constellations.

o There is a list of four constellations in the Constellation room prior

to the Stellar room.


3 x 2 x x X

x x 1 4

Disables Spike Room.

The Terror Room Puzzle


o You need to enter an access code to get into the Elevator room.

o Read the letter from Osiris.


The access code is 2411#.

Allows you to enter the Elevator entrance room.

The Tower Rotation General Hints


o Each tower has a rotation control panel.

o The castle is made up of rings - each ring is a different level

horizontally and vertically.

o The tower rotation rotates the rings so you can access other elevators

and rooms.

o You need to do them in order...Tower 1, Tower 2, etc.

o The ring order is 3 (inside), 2, 1, outer with 3 being the 1st floor and

the outer being the 4th floor.

o None of the elevators are out of order...they just need the ring


o Good luck.

Additional Help: | Tower 1 | Tower 2 | Tower 3 | Walkthrough |

The Tower 1 Rotation Puzzle

Click left twice. Click on Rotate Ring 1.

For information on how to get to Tower 2, check the Walkthrough.

Allows access to other elevators and rooms.

The Tower 2 Rotation Puzzle

Click right twice. Click on Rotate Ring 2.

For information on how to get to Tower 3, check the Walkthrough.

Allows access to other elevators and rooms.

The Tower 3 Rotation Puzzle

Click left three times. Click on Rotate Ring 3.

For information on how to get to the inside of the castle check the


Allows access to the inside of the castle.

The Water Puzzle


o There is a clue in your journal.

o You must use the metal pieces on the panel to stop the levers in the

correct place.

o The clue is on the back cover.

o The metal pieces on the panel will stop the individual levers in the

correct place once you have positioned the metal pieces and pull the

main lever.

o First Lever - 3rd from Bottom

o Second Lever - Top

o Third Lever - Third from Bottom


3 clicks on the top-left metal piece and 1 click on the bottom-right metal


Opens doors on the upper-level of the King's Room.

The Wheel Puzzle


o Look on top of the Queen's head in the maze.

o Look at the wall in the Sun Temple.


The outer ring is three bushes, the middle ring is the throne, and the inner

ring is a person.

The outer ring should be aimed Northwest. The middle ring should be aimed

Northeast. The inner ring should be aimed South.

Part of Disabling the Rock Crushing Room.