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Scorpion King : Rise of the Akkadian


Finding power-ups

Look for cracks on the ground and on the walls of buildings and such. You will find Strength and Endurance power-ups, which if not acquired will make the battles with Magus and Set extra ordinarily difficult.

The easy way to slay those pesky dogs and more!

After playing for around an hour or two in The Scorpion King, you will encounter some dogs, troll men, and snakes.. These are very annoying, do much damage, and are nearly impossible to kill. But, I have found two ways to have these beasts impaled or dead very quickly. The first way is before you get your special sword near the Gorgon/Minotaur level (Posiden Sword). When you meet up with a pesky pooch (Anubis Pooch or normal pooch, troll or snake) simply jump, and do the fist slam/stomp move near the creature(s), the move creating a large shockwave that radiates around you. This will affect every dog, badguy, troll, and snake in the vacinity. Even though it may seem cheap, keep on doing it until they all are dead, otherwise you will be their next meal. The other way is with the Posiden sword. You encounter this sword at the Gorgon/Minotaur level. Once the sword is found, keep it out and use it to attack the dogs. The dogs will be defenceless if you simply stand there, and when they get near, swing. The sword is quick and powerful, and soon the dog/troll/snake will be dead. The troll men can be rather tricky though. To easily slay a troll man (prison levels and on) make sure you keep your stamina up, take out your fists/gauntlets, and use the special super punch on them. They will be weary and take much damage, giving you even more time to inflict huge amounts of damage. I hope this works as an effective slaying method! Have Fun!