Game Platforms

Scooby-Doo Mystery


Blake's Hall Walk-Thru

When you start, go upstairs. The doors are lined up in the hall like this:


5 6

3 4

1 2

Enter the doors as numbered. The ghost will keep chasing you and door 7 will open. Go in and TAKE the air freshener hanging from the TV antenna. Open the drawer in the back of the room and TAKE the antacid. Then TAKE the bed spring. Next OPEN the other drawer and TAKE the book.

Return to the hall and USE the dumbwaiter. In the kitchen USE the pot with the sink. PUSH the refrigerator and TAKE the soda tab. Then TAKE the beads and TAKE the chili. Next PUSH the flour and look in the peephole. Exit out the doors. You should be in the cafe. EAT the antacid and TAKE the key. PUSH the radio. OPEN the radio and TAKE battery. USE the soda tab with the battery. OPEN the cabinet and USE the can opener with the chili, then leave.

Go to the lobby and USE the pot 'o water with the fire, and TAKE the note. Then go to the office (by the front desk) and TAKE the heater. And OPEN the drawer and TAKE the scissors. Then go outside and go left to the snowman. USE the shovel with the snowman and TAKE the bell. USE the key with the shed lock, and OPEN shed and TAKE everything in it. Move right, USE the shovel with the snow covered doors. Then USE the crowbar with the doors and go in. TAKE the screwdriver and OPEN the locker and TAKE the cord. Go upstairs.

Go to the Lobby and go upstairs. Go into room 7 and USE work gloves with poison oak,and go in to the hall and USE the dumbwaiter. USE the bell with the microwave and USE microwave. OPEN microwave and TAKE the bell. Then USE screwdriver with vent cover, and USE empty chili can with the termites. Then return to the kitchen.

Go outside and USE the spring. While in the air, TAKE the christmas lights. USE the light bulb with the Battery, tab combination. Next USE the cord with the outlet, and USE the heater with the cord. Then USE the poison oak with the bear. Then USE the totem bridge. USE the scissors with the rope and TAKE the rope. Next USE the fishing pole three times and TAKE the doll. Then go back to the lobby and ring the bell. GIVE the doll to the bellhop. TAKE the goblet.

Next go in the office and go down to the basement, USE the note with the rack, go in. Collect all three wheels and USE them with the car. USE the hose with the engine and USE the hose with the gas, then go right. USE the air freshener.

Go across the bridge into the maze. USE the Battery flahlight. These are the directions to use at every turn:R, U, U, R, L, U, R, D, R, D, R, U, R, L, U, L, R. USE the weed killer with the lettuce. Go in. USE rope with the cuffs. USE rope. USE the termites with Uncle Blake. Go back to the tomb. GIVE book to Blake. TALK to Blake, then TALK to the statue. Select xyzzy, then TAKE the medalion. Go back to the car and USE the switch, then USE car. Go back to the room with the hook. USE medalion with the hook.