Game Platforms

Scooby-Doo : Classic Creep Capers

Nintendo 64

Give Shaggy Unlimited Courage

Zoiks, Scoob! This code gives Shaggy all the courage he will need to complete any mission. To get it, start the game, then press and hold L, then press UP-C, LEFT-C, DOWN-C, UP-C, DOWN-C, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP, DOWN. When you get done with this long string, Shags will say "Wow" and be overwhelmed with courage.

Skip Levels

To skip through levels like a schoolgirl through the buttercups, start a game, then press and hold L. While doing so, press UP-C, DOWN-C, UP-C, DOWN-C, then UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT.