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Easy experience, items, and money

When you first start the game with any character, you are given a rune, weapon and armor. Pick all these up, then choose the "Export" option from the menu. Start a new game with the "Import" option. Import your saved character and you will

start again at the beginning of the game. Not only will you still be holding all the items you picked up previously, but you can collect them all again. This can be repeated as many times as desired. The runes can be exchanged for combos, and the armor can be sold. This is best done with the Gladiator character; if you fight in the arena and battle Julius the Gladiator Master, you receive experience points as well as gold and various other items. "Export" and "Import" after you have killed him and his guards and repeat to get experience each time.

"Water from the mules" bug in game

In the "Water from the mules" mission, if you can't pick up the water do the following trick: Press ~ (tilde) key to bring up a consol, then type "Wasser", press [enter] and then hit the ~ key 1 more time. Now you can pick up a water.

Activate Gore

Go into the Sacred installation folder, and open up the file "sacred.cfg" using notepad. Change the Violence level to = 1.

Blood Hack

Look for the file settings.cfg in your Sacred game directory. Use Notepad.exe to open it and look for the string VIOLENCE: 2 and change it to VIOLENCE: 1. Save the file in CFG format and see how Europe likes its gore.

Cheating Bunny

If you cheat during the game at any time, then export your character, he'll be wearing a bunny-suit. If you play online with a character with cheats, then other people will see you as a giant rabbit.

Pac-Man Cave

West of the town of Faeries Crossing there is a hidden path in the woods that leads to a dungeon entrance. In this dungeon is a maze with dots you can munch, and ghosts that will kill you in one hit, just like the classic arcade game Pac-Man.

Various Codes

Start the game with the parameter /CHEATS=1 and press [~] in the game to open the console. Now type in:

Code - Effect

sys cheats 963 - Activate Cheat Mode

cheat teleport - Teleport

cheat lord - God mode

cheat suicide - Suicide

cheat tp - Teleport