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Robopon : Sun

Game Boy Color

Meiji forest side quest

Go to Meiji forest to start this quest. Look at the signboards and follow their instructions to reach Donald's Lab. Talk to Sam after the mini-dialogue between Professor Donald and Sam. Say "Yes" and go to outside Meiji cave. Reset your time to 18 00 afterwards. Talk to Sam and enter the cave to look for Old Man Brownie. Search around the cave and you will find three rooms, each with four rocks which you can move and some immobile rocks. Go to any one of them and make a "2" figure. A hole at the back of the room you are in will open. Go in and examine the flower. Old Man Brownie will appear. Say "Yes" to challenge him to a fight. He will use a level 50 Screwy only. After you defeat him, you will automatically exit the cavern, and Professor Donald will ask for a wish. After looking at the short but humorous conversation, go back to the room with the rocks and make a "3" figure this time. The same thing will happen again, and you will still fight the same level 50 Screwy, and Professor Donald will make some other wishes. Repeat the process for the figure "5", "6", and "9", until Old Man Brownie turns Professor Donald into a huge man. Go back to Donald's Lab and talk to him. After you are done, search all the computers, the machinery, and cabinets he has to find some good software and parts. Note: There is also a remote controled chest in Meiji Cave.


After you collected the first 150 Robopons, talk to Grandpa Hogle. He will give you a G-Trophy.

Free training

Open the 8th or 9th floor of the building that you are president of, to get a room where they will train your Robopon for free. However, you have to set a time. For example, put your Robopon for about 11 minutes. Save the game, turn the power off, then go to the main screen. It will say "Change Date/Time" Go to that, and for example, if it was 3:20 when you saved, change the time to 3:31 then start your game. Your Robopon will be back.

Mount Grease

When you go to the basement level of this cavern, you will find a person beside an unbreakable wall. After you get the red, white, blue, and black bombs, go back to the mountain. Use a blue bomb on the first wall, then use another blue bomb on the second wall. You should find a remote controlled chest inside.