Game Platforms

Ridge Racer 64

Nintendo 64

Blinky ghost car

Drive 99 laps in free run in time attack mode on any track.

Classic Galaga '88 game

After winning stage 8 (Ridge Racer Extreme Extra) you can play one round of the classic Galaga '88 game (same as in the statup screen of RR Revolution for PSX). Hit all 40 enemies and you get the Galaga '88 space ship.

Car preview

At the car selection screen or trophy screen, press C-Up, C-Right, C-Down, or C-Left to change the view and rotate the cars.

Reverse 360 Powerslide

Set the drift mode option to "RR64". Begin a game and get to a sharp turn. Stop accelerating, turn the opposite direction from the turn, and accelerate again while still turning. If done correctly, your car will spin around during the powerslide. After you are turned around, control the car as if in a normal powerslide and re-align it with the track. This trick allows your car to get through winding turns without braking or losing speed.

Motion Blur in Replay

During replays you can toggle a motion blur effect on or off by pressing the C-Left button.

Unlock Caddy Car

Start a normal game and play the first Grand Prix race. Right at the start turn around, and drive into the brick wall until you pass through it. Win this reversed race to unlock the Caddy Car.