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Rampage : Total Destruction



These monsters are awarded for completing Special Star Challenges in the cities.


Unlock all the secret monsters. This includes Philbert and Eyegore to.


Complete all the Challenge Stars in all the cities


Complete all the Par Point Stars in all the cities.


Press L and R at the same time at the Main Menu to display the code entry screen. Then enter one of the codes listed below and move up or down to choose numbers from 0-9. A monster sound will confirm correct code entry.

Code - Result:

141421 - All Monsters Unlocked

082864 - Demo Mode With Two Random Monsters

000000 - Disable All Active Codes

314159 - Display Game Version

874098 - Instant Demo Mode With Two Random Monsters

071767 - One Hit Destroys A Building

667302 - View Credits

667301 - View Ending Theme

667300 - View Opening Theme

986960 - Invincible To Military Attacks. Bombers, Infintry, Tanks, Ect

Unlockable Monsters

Use the mosters in the cities listed below to unlock the other monsters. Please note that there may be more then one monster to unlock the secret ones. And you might have to re-do the city to unlock the other ones that are in it.

Amanda - Play as Kyle in Los Angeles

Bart - Play as Kingston in Los Angeles

Cal - Play as Kyle in Los Angeles

Croc - Play as Rojo in Hong Kong

Edwin - Play as Wally in London

Harry - Play as Marco in Chicago

Icky - Play as Ralph in London

Jack - Play as Harry in Las Vegas

Jill - Play as Amanda in Hong Kong

Joe - Play as Natalie in New York

Kingston - Play as Lizzie in Las Vegas

Kyle - Play as Kingston in London

Leon - Play as any starting monster in Las Vegas

Marco - Play as Ralph in San Francisco

Natalie - Play as Marco in San Francisco

Nick - Play as Harry in Chicago

Rocky - Play as Cal in New York

Rojo - Play as Kyle in Chicago

Shelby - Play as Lizzie in San Francisco

Venus - Play as Croc in Hong Kong

Wally - Play as Marco in New York