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Pajama Sam: No Need to Hide When It's Dark Outside


Walkthrough :

Here are tips for Pajama Sam in no need to hide when it's dark

outside. I'm William Walker. This game can be frustrating until you figure out some connections.

In this game Pajama Sam must solve a dilemma. To do so, he must

often first have to collect certain items. Most of the time you must get other items first. But the connections between items can be quite hard to understand. That's why I made these tips to tell you what to do.

In Pajama Sam items appear when you move the mouse to the

bottom. Pajama Sam is for kids slightly older than most kids who

play Freddi Fish. It starts with Pajama Sam reading a comic book

about Darkness, a character who wants to send the world into night.

Then he goes to sleep but is so afraid of the dark he decides to change his name from Sam to Pajama Sam and become a superhero and

capture Darkness. So he gets out of bed and has to find his mask,flashlight, and lunchbox. Possible places they can be are under the rug, under the bed, inside a drawer, above the trash can, or in the trash can. Oh, and also collect socks whenever possible for the whole game. They are fun although not necessary to get. Click around until the items are found, then go into the closet and you get sent to another world—a world of darkness.

First go right two screens and Pajama Sam steps on a trap and is

pulled up to the Custom trees who take his stuff and hide it in the land of darkness. Once that happens, click the rope that holds him and Pajama Sam will get himself down, and also can keep the rope.

Then go left one screen and use the rope to get the wooden board in the water. Then go up to the place in front of Darkness' house. You can now start trying to get the stuff. Here's how.


Often the Mask is in the garden near the well. Getting there won't be

easy. First you have to go right from the place in front of Darkness'

house to Otto the boat. Unfortunately he won't go in the water

because he thinks wood sinks. Use the board on him and Pajama Sam

drops it in the water, and Otto is convinced that wood floats. Now

jump into Otto by clicking on him and then go up. Now you can go in

four directions. Go up/right and click the hollow log on the left.

Pajama Sam gets his head stuck, but this is a blessing in disguise. Go

up, then up/right (Sam's a little hard to control when his head is

stuck, you have to click quickly or you go the wrong way) to some

trees. Don't worry, they'll let Sam by because they think he's a tree

too (I told you it was a blessing in disguise). Then you find a garden

with a wishing well further on. One of the carrots in the garden may

be wearing your mask. If so, click it. When you click it, the carrot

explains he needs it to protect his identity as a Carrot Freedom Fighter

and will give it to you if you help free his friends in Darkness's


Return to the place in front of Darkness' house and go up to the

house. Get into the lower basket and click on the three rocks. Pajama

Sam picks up one. Your cursor is a rock now. Click on the upper

basket. Repeat with all three rocks to weigh down the upper basket

enough to get into Darkness' house. Go through the door on the left

(the one with the knife and fork above) and once in the kitchen use

the carrot on the refrigerator to free the carrots, and you get the mask.

There's a little song too.

But if the mask is not in the garden you've got an ordeal ahead. In

this case the mask is in the dancing room (the door second from the

left in Darkness' house). The problem is, when you try to get it

everything stops moving and the couch sits on the mask. The first

step is getting past the Doors of Knowledge. Go up the stairway to the

left in Darkness' house and click the doors and they come to life.

Click the catagory of question you want to answer and then answer it

correctly to get a star for that catagory. If you by any chance are

wrong, you lose a million bucks (just kidding). You just have to try

again with a new question. However, one of the catagories is always

Land of Darkness. When you get the question you only get possible

answers if you have been to the place. If the question is "What is the

number on the water meter in the mines?" you must gain access to the

mines first. That is covered next. Once all catagories have stars you

can go through any time you want. Next step is gaining access to the

mines. That's not really hard. Just get in Otto and go to the place

where you can go in many directions, and go up/left twice. You see a

small toolshed and an oil can on the far left. Pick it up and go to the

mine (left of Darkness' house) and use the oil can on King the old

mine car to rid him of the rust on his wheels. Now you can ride King

anywhere in the mine. Once that's done, go back to the toolshed and

use the oil can on the hinges to get in. Get the hammer on the stool


Then make sure the dumbwaiter is down by hitting the green

button in the kitchen next to it and go through the Doors of

Knowledge. From there go right down/right, into Darkness' den.

Then, read the book in front of Sam and it tells you to push books

only of a certain color to go through the secret door. Click those

books and the door spins around. See the magnet on the other side?

Go down to a one-way door. Hit the button next to the one-way door

to open it. Now you are in the mine and can go through when you

want. Go back through the door and go up/right through a small door

into Darkness' laboratory here you find the dumbwaiter. Get in and

hit the green button to go back to the kitchen. Press it again to send it

back down. Now go through the Doors of Knowledge and into

Darkness' den. Grab the magnet. Go through the secret door and into

the mine, then go one screen left from the one-way door. See the nail

down there on the rock? Use the magnet on it to attract it. Note: This

is where the water meter is. If you need it to get through the Doors of

Knowledge go to the entrance of the mine and one sceen right, then


Go back through the door and into the laboratory. Note: the

dumbwaiter should be there. If not, go to the kitchen and send it

down.Now keep clicking on the red chair until it is below the blue

stuff on the right (can be a while). Now click the formula and Pajama

Sam climbs on the chair to get the formula, but it breaks. (No no no,

the chair, not the formula, silly).Use the hammer and nail to fix it.

Now get the formula and go through the book until you reach the

invisibility formula. Mix up the ingredients it tells you in the right

order to make yourself invisible, then quickly go into the dumbwaiter

and press the button to return to the kitchen. Now go in the dancing

room and nobody sees you, so you can get the mask. You must go

fast before the formula wears off.


One place it can be is inside the shed near the waterfall. Go past the

Doors of Knowledge and get the doorknob. Now go to the toolshed,

put the doorknob on it, oil the hinges, and go in and get the flashlight

(stand on the stool to get it). The other place took me so long to figure

out, and it's very hard. Get the hammer on the stool in the toolshed

and get the pickax by the one-way door in the mine. Then go into the

gold section of the mine. You must quickly go up/left at the second

screen or you go the wrong way. Wait until you reach the gold ore

and use the pickax to get some gold out. Then go to Otto and head

up/left to the toll bridge. Give him your gold and he lets you through.

You're now in a park. Click the pencil on the right next to the guy

who plays cheese and crackers with you (explained in mini-games

section)and he explains he needs to get to the construction crew and

goes with you. Now go to the mine and go right. When you stop, you

see a passage to the right blocked by boards. Use the hammer to clear

them and go through the passage . Use the pencil on the wall and he

tells you the order to draw lines, like "count by tens". Once that's

done, the construction crew appears and dynamites the wall. Go

through the passage through some pitch dark screens. When you stop,

click on the other side of the screen of the dip in the track, and King

crosses over there. Do that and quickly click the switch above and

Pajama Sam jumps out of King and hits the switch, landing back in

King. Now go up/left and through the passage again, only now it's lit.

When you find the flashlight, go up the right side track to a winch

missing a gear. Remember what the gears look like and go to

Darkness's house, and into the dancing room. When everyone stops,

click on the clock. Then go through the Doors of Knowledge and

right to the grandfather clock. Click on him and then his gears and he

offers to give you one in return for setting his hands to the correct

time. Do so (you hear a chime when it's correct) by remembering

what the clock said and then choose the gear that fixes the winch.

Then go there and use it. If it doesn't work, go back to the

grandfather clock and give him back the gear to get another. Once the

winch is fixed, go down and clickon the hook to pick it up, then put it

on King's back. Then use the winch to pull him up, get in King, and

release the hook by clicking it. You go so fast you reach the higher

track with the flashlight.


If the Lunchbox is at the well, you can't just walk up to it because of

the thorns. Instead go past the Doors of Knowledge and left to the

music room. The next part is tough. Jump on the stool, then the piano

and then on the light. You must swing back and forth harder and

harder until you can reach the oars. The trick I use is to click once to

start swinging, and whenever Pajama Sam starts swinging right, there

is a small noise. Click right after that at the right time and you start

swinging harder. Keep this up until you get the oars. You can make

your own strategy if you want. It is quite difficult. Once you have the

oars, go to the toolshed and then go up to the waterfalls. Once at the

bottom go left. Go through the passage with the bucket going up and

down. Use the oars on Otto to help him get past the current and jump

in the bucket to go up to your lunchbox. The other place it can be is at

the bottom of the falls, in the water. Get the magnet (how to get it is

in the mask section) and use it to attract the lunchbox to you. It's

metal, remember?

End add-on

After getting your stuff, go up/left from the Doors of Knowledge and

through the door. Now you're in a place like your bedroom, only with

vines and other stuff everywhere. Click the cabinet on the right and

keys fly out. Click it again to find one key that stayed put. It is the key

that unlocks the closet door. Go inside and find out the

truth—Darkness isn't so frightening and becomes Pajama Sam's

friend. And Pajama Sam isn't afraid of the dark, so they both live

happily ever after, until the next adventure. Congrats! You completed

the game!


There are two mini-games.

Cheese and Crackers—See the flashlight section for getting past the

toll bridge. Once you are in the park click the gray guy on the right

who looks a little like a toaster. Now you must try to be the first to get

three in a row. Who goes first is random. You can also play on the

middle-sized board, where you must get four in a row. Or you can try

the big board where you must get five in a row. You can play games

to your hearts content.

Nuggets—In the gold section of the mine you can find a remote

control monitor. Keep in mind that you often must go in one direction

quickly or you go the wrong way. Once you've found it click it to

play this game. As a mine cart you must pick up all the crystals

without hitting anything—lava, rocks, the edge or yourself. To move,

press the arrow key in the direction you want to go. The mine cart

moves automatically and you can just turn it and change its speed.

You can also click the arrows on the bottom to move. As you collect

crystals they trail behind you. You get bonus points for grabbing

glowing crystals and other goodies, including the weird bird guys.

You also get bonus points for grabbing crystals in a row so that as the

crystals come the back of your cart stays in the same place. Hold

down arrow keys to speed up. Use TNT to blast away rocks and

tunnels to warp to another tunnel. Every crash costs you a cart. Lose them all and you're out. Every time you beat a level you get a new cart.