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Pajama Sam 2: Thunder And Lighting Aren't So Frightening


Walkthrough :

Here are tips for Pajama Sam 2, thunder and lightning aren't so

frightening.I'm William Walker. This game can be frustrating until

you figure out some connections.

In this game the character must solve a dilemma. To do so, certain

items must be collected. Most of the time you must get other items

first. But the connections between items can be quite hard to

understand. That's why I made these tips to tell you what to do. All

games have either different items, or items in different places.

Pajama Sam is watching a TV show with his favorite superhero,

Pajama Man. Then some lightning scares him and he vows to go to

his attic and stop all the thunder and lightning. First find his red cape.

It can be behind the curtain, in a drawer, under the chair, or under the

sofa. Once you've got it, go upstairs and pull the thing hanging from

the ceiling to reveal a stairway. Go up it and you find yourself in the


After the logo appears, go up to WWW (World Wide Weather) and

then go right. Get the crowbar on the clouds in front of Sam and

continue up/left. Use the crowbar to pry open the crate and get inside.

Now a weird car-like forklift picks up the box and goes through the

gate to the main area. For the rest of the game, collect puzzle pieces

when you find them.

Get the WWW ID card on the bottom right. Then go up/left into the

building. Use the ID card on the left door to open it. Now go into the

control room with Thunder and Lightning (!) working at the controls.

Yes, Thunder and Lightning are the weird-looking sisters who control

weather. But then—whoops! Pajama Sam inadvertently hit the button

then sends all the weather machines out of control! Now there are

sandstorms in the south pole and hurricanes in Egypt! That's because

the most important pieces—Wingnut, Inspector, Velocimomometer

and Y-pipe have been shaken loose in the turmoil. Thunder and

lightning need to stay in the control room so it's up to you to find

them and fix the weather machines. Here's how to get the parts.


>From the control room go left, then up/left to the rain/sun junction.

Go left to the sun machine. Then up a ladder to the UV filter. There

may be a drain on the left below the tube. Use the crowbar on it to pry

it open. (Wingnut is inside). Then go up through the tube to a big

radar dish. Go up/left and you find yourself in the snow machine. Go

down the conveyor belt (move the mouse to the left next to the

Shrink-O and wait for an arrow) to shrink yourself.

Now go down the drain and you find yourself in a maze. Here's

the directions: up, up/right, right, up, up/left, to the opening below

you, then through the pipe to the left and down until you reach

Wingnut. Once you've got him, return to the snow machine. Push the

green arrow to make the conveyor belt go the other way and go

through the Shrink-O from the left. Now you're regular size and can

use Wingnut on the radar dish at the top of the sun machine to fix it.

But he also can be stuck in the mixing tank of the rain machine,

and then you have an ordeal ahead. First gain access to the offices. In

the control room next to the door leading to the weather machines is a

clipboard. Click it and remember the number that it tells you to dial

for appointments. Now go right to the lobby and click on the

telephone. Dial the number from the clipboard and Sam calls the

receptionist upstairs and schedules an appointment.

Now go up the steps behind Sam and you meet the receptionist.

Go right through the door (only possible with an appointment) to find

several rooms, most of which are offices. Go to the supply room (the

middle door on the left) and click on the box of rubber bands. The

manager (a stapler) says you can't have one because you don't have a

P76/Z form. He gives you a supply form which has to be signed by

the Vice President of paper clips and rubber bands.

Now go to the rain/sun junction and go up through a red tube to

the wind/snow junction. Between the two machines are a room

shaped like a treasure chest. This is the test lab. Go inside and click

on the screen on the right to see the formulas. You can click the icons

on the right to change the growing conditions and the arrows to see

other formulas (duh!). Make a rainbow (3 suns and 3 clouds) and the

pot of gold that appears will drop two coins, which get picked up and

dropped onto the receiving panel where you can get them.

Once they're yours head back to WWW and use them on the

vending machine in the kitchen to get some cheese giblets. The

kitchen is the room on the right with the red door and a knife and fork

above it.

Now go into the V.P. office, one door down from the kitchen.

Use the cheese giblets on the paperweight in the "In" box. He loves

them, so he jumps off to get one. Quickly put your supply form into

the box before he comes back. Then all the forms get signed and

dumped in the "Out" box. Pick your form up and give it to the supply

manager for a rubber band.

Now go to the mixing tank (go left from the rain/sun junction).

See the broken rubber band near the top? Replace it with your rubber

band. Then click the wheel at the bottom and everything starts

working—and that means Wingnut gets dumped into a rain bottle!

Follow him left to where the rain is shipped into boxes and Wingnut's

bottle will be placed in front of you. Click it to take it with you and

take it to the kitchen. On the bottom right attached to a table is a can

and bottle opener. Use it to finally get Wingnut—and repair the sun

machine. Each time a machine is fixed, Thunder and Lightning

appear on a monitor and say you're doing a good job. Note: Unless

Wingnut is in the mixing tank the V.P. office will not appear.

Automated Snowflake Inspector

It's his job to check all the snowflakes. One place the Inspector can

be is on top of the warehouse. But first you have to get in. The

warehouse is the building up/right of where you come out of the box

and find the ID card. Then there's the matter of the hail room.

Go to the receptionist's office. There's an umbrella stand on the

left with a crank handle in it. Take the crank handle and go to the

wind machine. It is to the right at the wind/snow junction. On the

bottom of the funnel are two buttons, one red and one green. Click the

red one to turn off the fan. It is now possible to go up/left and attach

the crank handle to the fan. Now click the attached crank handle to

turn the fan around. Go down to the funnel and hit the green button to

turn on the fan and blow away the clouds to the right.

Go up the path the clouds were blocking to a place with some

lockers and a hard hat. Pick up the hard hat. Return to the place

where you got the ID card, put on the hard hat, and go through the

hail room into the warehouse. Now go into the elevator and go to the

third floor (the roof) and you find the Inspector, but a dust devil keeps

sucking him up and he can't get past it.

Go to the test lab and get the white bag of soil on the left. Then go

to the first floor of the warehouse. See the red vacuum cleaner? Use

the bag of soil on the elevator and the vacuum will go into the

elevator to suck it up. Quickly jump into the elevator and go to the

roof. Now use the bag of dirt on the dust devil. Both the vacuum

cleaner and the dust devil go for the dirt, and the vacuum sucks up the

whole dust devil! The Inspector will then come with you. But if he's

not there things are a wee bit more complicated.

Get the can of liquid sunshine from the bottom of the sun machine

and go to the kitchen. Use it on the can and bottle opener on the

bottom left. Once it's open, look for SID (Snowflake Inspector

Detector). He is either up/right of the mixing tank in the rain machine

or in the bottom of the wind machine. He's small, yellow and with a

detector on the top like a small red ball.

Give him the liquid sunshine to power him up and he comes with

you. When you click him in one screen and click in another, he says

"warmer" which means you're getting closer to the Inspector,

"colder" which means you're going farther away, or that he's in the

same screen you're in. Use SID's clues to find out where the

Inspector is. If it's the latter, you can move SID around until his

detector blinks, then leave him there and the Inspector comes out.

He either is in the bathroom, (the room one door up from the

supply room, he's in the toilet) the place where the rain bottles are put

in boxes (then he's in the place where the boxes go into) or the first

floor of the warehouse (he's in one of the bottom crates, use the

crowbar to open it, see above for getting into the warehouse). So

simply go to each place until you find him.

When he comes out he refuses to go back because he thinks he is

unappreciated. Now go to the supply room and click the thing with

lots of blue ribbons (they're employee of the month awards) behind

Sam and the manager gives you one. Give it to the Inspector and he

comes with you. Once you have him, go to the snow machine

(up/right of the wind/snow junction) and go up/left to Langston the

snowman. Use the Inspector on him. Only two machines to go!

Velocimomometer (shortened to Velo)

Velo sometimes is in the bathroom. But the door is locked. Okay, first

go to Langston (see Inspector section) Click him a few times and he

explains that he doesn't like his nose because it doesn't match one of

his clothes. Once you know that, go to the test room and grow a

banana, eggplant, or cucumber.

Choose the one that is the same color as the clothing Langston

wanted it to match. So eggplant—hat, cucumber—vest and

banana—tie. Once he has the right nose, he gives you his old nose—a

carrot. Now go to the board room (the room two doors down from the

supply room) and click on the stool and Pajama Sam asks if he can be

on the board. The chairman says only if you answer four questions


A hat appears and you must choose a question, then its correct

answer. For one question, the carrot appears and answers the question

for you if you click him. If you're wrong, a new question is put in.

Once all the questions are answered, you can be on the board. Then

click the key (only accessible by board members) and you leave, and

the carrot stays on the board. Use the key on the door to the bathroom

and get Velo! Other times she may be at the bottom of the warehouse.

If that's the case, go to the second floor and click on the computer.

The plus and minus buttons change the number of crates. Make it so

that the left column has only one crate, the second two, and so on

until the far right column has six. Then go to the basement and jump

onto the far left column, and go from column to column. If you did it

right, you should be able to get to the top.

Then click Velo to get her down. Use her on the big fan on the

wind machine. When Thunder and Lightning appear, the congratulate

you and then get called by none other than Mother Nature, their boss!

She has noticed the crazy weather and is coming up for an inspection.

If everything isn't perfect, Thunder and lightning get fired. Here's

the last one.


One place the Y-Pipe can be is inside the vending machine in the

kitchen. If that's the case, go to the test room and grow a rainbow.

When the coins appear, get them and go to the bottom of the

warehouse. There will be some blue cans there. Collect one (it has an

earthquake inside it) and then go to the vending machine. Use the

coins to buy the Y-Pipe, but he gets stuck. Use the earthquake can on

the can opener in the bottom right to open it. Use the open can on the

vending machine. It shakes so much the Y-Pipe comes out. But if

he's not in the vending machine he's in a locker where the hard hat is.

Get the apple core from the trash can in the kitchen and go to the

test room. Use the apple core on the receiving panel and its seeds will

fall in to the machine. Then you can grow an apple with the seeds

(four suns and four clouds plus and apple seed).

Take the apple an go to the personnel office, the door between the

board room and supply room and give it to the personnel manager. He

craves apples, so he goes off to the kitchen to eat it. Now click the file

cabinet and you get descriptions of all the staff. The file third from

the front, Foster Boondoggles, has his birth date on a yellow card.

You collect it.

Now go to the locker room in the wind machine (after clearing the

clouds) and click the locker with the lock. You hear a voice—the Y-Pipe's—asking to be let out. Another locker tells you that Foster

Boondoggle always uses his birth date as the combination. Use the

yellow card and hit the arrows to change the numbers until they

match. Then the locker opens, the Y-Pipe comes out, and is yours.

Use him on the place up/right of the mixing tank.

Wow! You fixed the last machine just in time—Mother Nature is

arriving and will find everything perfect. To thank Pajama Sam for

fixing the weather and saving their jobs, they let him take the controls

for a little while—all thanks to you! Congratulations!