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PlayStation 2

Regain health

If you are running low on health, just shoot or attack the Electric elementals (small wavy line of electricity). They will go away and refill your health. They will reappear soon after that, allowing you to refill your health as many times needed.

Restart battle

Pause game play if defeat cannot be avoided during a battle. Select "Equip" and resume the game at the start of the battle, with all energy restored.

Unlimited life:

When you are about to die go to menu and choose equip and you will start the battle all over again with full life.

Get Mar

To get Mar to join your party at the start of the game, talk to everyone on deck, but do not let them join your team. Walk back to the cabin just before you enter Magnus and Cleo run up, say a few lines, and then the dragon will attack. After the fight Cleo will wake you up. You will hear a flute playing. Player mode will switch to Cleo and you will go up the cliff, past the waterfall, and on to Mar.

Beat Gaia

Equip the Hand of Pyro and Bite of Lightning. Attack and destroy the two arms, then the white-orb. Block all the attacks Gaia does. Use Bite of Lightning to easily destroy the little robots Gaia throws at you. Do not call the Elemental Summon; you will not have enough time. When only the head remains, shoot Hand of Pyros at Gaia until he dies. Remember to block all attacks.