Game Platforms

Okage : Shadow King

PlayStation 2

Chapter 1 Hints

You are first going to see Ari's mom in the kitchen talking to herself... and then Annie, Ari's little sister walks in. Both the family members start talking and then... you come in! The mom will ask you what you want for dinner but it does not really matter what you choose cuz it will always be a secret :P Then she tells you that your father has found this weird purple bottle which is on the kitchen table. You can choose one of the three different things but it still does not matter cuz it is nopt important. Your mother then has just remembered that she has to pick up bread for ther supper and i mean, who can eat without bread! So yuo can choose one of the three choices but no matter what u will be the one to get the bread hahahaha! She tells you to go to the Tenel bakery. So, off we go! Leave the house and then you will have to talk to Annie so she can get out of you'r way! Open the gate and talk to the people you meet. The pudgy boy will tell you where Tenel village is ! and it isn't hard to find so i am sure you don't need directions. Before you go to the bakery, make sure you go visit every house cuz there could be something important like that lady on the top floor of the grocery store who tells you to go to the butchers. Also, talk to Julia who is at the entrance desperately waiting for you! Even if you ask her out or not she will have to tell you something bad later!

The First Cyphertexts

1st - Tenel's Village Elder

2nd - Suspicious guy beside circus tents near Tenel

3rd - Window at side of Madril Town Hall

4th - Cliff behind veteran clown near Rashelo

How to find Toby

To find Toby check every house, you'll know its his house when you see a boy standing in front of his back door. Talk to the bo: its Toby ! He'll ask you the password, its the second to the bottom.

Easy experience

Continue after defeating the first evil king (the rat). After defeating second evil king (the fish-like creature), return to the place where the first evil king was located, in the sewer. Once you get there, you will see bars that resemble those in a jail cell. Approach them and wait. A ghost will come after you. Let it get you for very good experience. The save and healer will also be nearby.