Game Platforms

Ogre Battle 64: Person Of Lordly Caliber

Nintendo 64

Music test:

Enter MUSIC_ON as a name.

Delete saved game files:

Enter DEL_DATA as a name.

In-game reset:

Press A + B + Start + Z during game play to return to the title screen.

Pak Management:

Put a memory card into your controller. Put the OB 64 cartridge into the system. Hold in the start button the controller AND THEN turn on the system. It should bring up a Pak Management interface that will let you copy saved files from from the game cartridge to the memory pak. This isn't exactly a code, but there don't seem to be many people who know how to do this either.

Birthday gifts:

Make a note the birth date that you put in at the start of the game and the date on the game calendar. Once you pass your birthday, go to the main menu. Select the "Hugo Report" icon. Choose the "Event" icon, and find the date on the list of events. Choose the date, and press L to replay the scene and you will receive a birthday gift. The following is a list of the gifts you receive. You will receive special gifts every 10 years.

19th: Goblet of Destiny

20th: Gallant Doll (weapon, doll)

21st: 29th Scroll of Discipline, Urn of Chaos, Goblet of Destiny

30th: Marching Baton

31st: 39thstone of Quickness, Crystal of Precision

40th: Censor of Repose

41st: 49th Bracer of Protection, Mirror of Soul

50th: Figurine of Sleipnir

51st: 59th Sword Emblem. Crown of Intellect

60th: Manual of Warfare

61st: 69th Championstatuette, Cup of Life

70th: Mastaba's Barrier

71st: 79th Dowsing Rod, Sliver Hourglass, Flag of Unity

80th: Charge Horn

81st: 89th Altar of Resurrection, Revivestone

90th: Diadora's Song (armor, full body)

91st: 98th Heal Leaf, Heal Pack, Power Fruit, Angel Fruit

99th: Noish's Promise (weapon, sword)