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NHL Hockey


1991 Playoffs

Play as the Chicago Blackhawks in a play-off scenario that mirrors the real-life 1991 setup. Simply enter all B's as your password, and hit the ice!


When the other team scores and they're huddled together, get in the crowd with them to start a fight.


Here are some Stanley Cup passwords:

Teams Password

Boston vs. Vancouver H5MNCCBX4L4H73Z7

Los Angeles vs. Buffalo G757ZSVP2WF8VWO2

Final of Best of Seven - Two Teammates (3-0)

Teams Password

Kings vs. Bruins D444M8HZV86KZZMT

North Stars vs. Bruins BLDWLRNF1XCVOPYH

Canucks vs. Penguins G5GG16PHX7CFNBLW

Final of Best of Seven - One Player (3-0)

Teams Password

Kings vs. Penguins H2V6F3Y5Z4ZVHW98

Penguins vs. Blues BLHP7M21P76Y29JT

Flames vs. Bruins BZDL33G58PG9PTTB