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NHL '93


Choose Computer Goalie

To activate, hold A + B while turning on the Genesis. Continue to hold these buttons until you pass the Stevens/Yzerman screen. When you reach the screen before the face-off, use Controller Two to select the computer's goalie. You can even pick no goalie and leave your opponent helpless!

Edit Other Teams

If you are the home team, you can edit the other teams lines. All you do is use the second controller just before the game and you can edit lines as well as change the goalie.

Heal Injured Players

If a player is injured, call a time-out. Your player will return in perfect health.

Note: This trick works once per game.

Penalties For Goalie's

In the second period pull both goalies right after each other(as quickly as possible). This will cause them to run into each other on their way to the bench. They will get penalties, and a defensemen will go in net with pads and blocker.