Game Platforms

NFL Quarterback Club '98

Nintendo 64

Cheat :

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following codes on the cheat menu to activate the corresponding cheat function. A buzzing sound will confirm correct code entry.

Effect Code

Eight downs 8DWNDRV

Tall skinny players BBMNTBL

Super defense BGBFYDF

Stronger receivers BGBFYFF

Further dives BGSPRDV

Spinning reciever BGTWSTRS

Better quarterback BRDWYNMTH

Farther jumps CRLLWYS

Unlimited downs DWNDRV

Slow motion FRMBYFRM

Large players GLYTHMD

Fumble mode GTNHNDS

Constant fumbles GTNHNDS

Short players JPNSMWR

Instant passes LDSTRTRK

Disable all cheats LLCHTSFF

Poor defense LLDFSCK

Poor offense LLFFSCK

Ball tipped on passes LWYSTPSS

Fast players MCHLJNSN

Constant dives MNFLDMD

Never tackle NBCTCKLS

Crawling players PBYBYMD

Poor players PWHYRMN

Strong, but slow running backs RNLDSWZNGR

Small players SMLMDGT

Sled mode SNWSLDS

100 yard passes, kicks, and punts SPRBGRMS

Always tackle SPRDPRTCKL

Slippery field SPRSLYD

Super players SPRTMMD

Turbo running SPRTRBMD

Acclaim and Iguana teams STNTXTM

Easier catches STYCKYHNDS

No fumbles TGHTGRP

Poor quarterback TRNTDLFR

Stronger running backs WLTRPYTN

Electric football mode YLCTRCFB

Maximum discipline and awareness stats YNSTYNS

Hidden message:

Select the New Orleans Saints as a team and begin a game at the Superdome. Begin an instant replay and press Z to enter camera mode. Press L to pan up to look at the right side of either goal to find the phrase "Get Back On The Bus John-Boy... Its Our Game Now", in reference to John Madden.

Always receive on coin toss:

Press Start when the coin is tossed. You will automatically elect to receive.

Hint :

Hint: Easy touchdown:

Wait until the fourth down, when the opposing team is about to punt. Go offsides and wait near the punter. When he hikes the ball, block the punt and run it into the endzone for the touchdown. The opposite team will decline the penalty and you will get the touchdown. Note: You must get the touchdown for this to work correctly.

Hint: Easy win:

Play in season mode or any other game. Pause game play, then choose "Control" and switch teams.

Hint: Force other team offsides:

Keep pressing A when you are about to hike the ball and someone from the other team will go offsides.

Hint: Force other team to punt:

Set all penalties off, then when defending, change to the player nearest to the receiver(C-Down) and tackle him before he catches the ball.

Hint: Revealing codes:

Set the difficulty level to "All-Pro" and win a game. A code will appear at the bottom of the game stats screen.