Game Platforms

NFL Quarterback '99

Nintendo 64

No-huddle offense:

Press R after a play has completed to repeat the previous play again.

Cheap hits:

While playing offense, your players may continue to hit the opposing players after a play ends without a penalty.

Reset play :

Quickly press Start to pause the game while the quarterback is still kneeling before a play begins. A new play may be selected when game play is resumed.

Cheat mode:

Enter one of the following codes on the cheat menu. A buzzing sound will confirm correct code entry.

Result - Code:

Thin players - TTHPCK

Fat players - MRSHMLLW

Short players - SHRTGYS


Big heads - BCHDDE

Ball always fumbled - BTTRFNGRS

No fumbles - STCKYBLL

Big coins during toss - BGMNY

Big football - BCHBLL

Increased injuries - HSPTL

Eight downs available - DBLDWNS

Electric football mode - XTRVLTG

Rugby mode - RGBY

Racquetball mode - RCQTBLL

Slow-motion mode - FRRSTGMP

Turbo mode - TRBMN

Kickers never miss - PWRKCKR

Flubber ball - FLBBR

Slippery field - SLPNSLD

Pylons on field - PWRPYLNS

Players bounce like pinballs - PNBLL

Players on fire - HSNFR

Fire stadium - FIRFILD

Unlock all extra teams - XTRTMS

Alien stadium - SCLLYMLDR

Landmine mode - PPCRNRTRNS

Opponents score set to 0 - RLSTN

Start game with 12 points - BLOWOUT or SHTOUT