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NBA Live 2004


Getting great players for low salaries

When you are in "Sign Free Agents" in the off-season of your franchise and you see a very good person at a very high price ($300,000), just skip the free agent signing and get to the new season. When you are done with training camp go

to "Sign Free Agents". If the player that you want is still there, he will usually ask for the minimum price.

Dunk packages

Each player is given a dunk package that determines what types of dunks/lay-ups they will do. For example, Shaquille O'Neal will do hard dunks while Vince Carter does aerial dunks.

Dunk off backboard

This is best done in practice mode. Line up with the basket and press Dunk above or directly below the 3 point line to make the ball bounce off the backboard. Then, run to the basket and press Y to jump and dunk the ball. This may require a few attempts.

Easy 100% shooting percentage for team

Use the following trick for an easy 100% Shooting Percentage For Team (minimum 20 shots) for 2,500 NBA Store Points. First, create a player with maxed out stats (Height, Weight, Skills) and make him a PG. Sign him to your team, re-order your roster so he starts, and choose to play the Charlotte Bobcats in an exhibition game, under the rookie difficulty setting. Use the "Double team" play on defense to steal the ball and create easy fast break dunks or have your maxed out PG back down the opposing teams PG for easy buckets in the paint. Make a minimum of twenty consecutive baskets and end the game without missing a shot. You will then receive 2,500 points towards items in the NBA Store.

Easy shots

When you are playing one-on-one, you can always hold position of the ball . When you are going to shoot for position, fake very fast for awhile. You will start to scoot up to the net . Shoot from wherever desired.

See Iverson's tattoos

To see the tattoos on Iverson's right arm, go to "Edit Players". Then, go to "Upper Body" and remove the sleeve on his arm.

3000 additional points

Reach level 18 in your Ea Sports Bio.

Jordan #18 shoes

Reach level 9 in your the EA Sports Bio to unlock the Jordan #18 shoes for create a player and when editing certain players.

Air Jordan shoes

Reach level 2 in your EA Sports Bio.

1000 additional points

Reach level 4 in your EA Sports Bio.

2000 additional points

Reach level 12 in your Ea Sports Bio.

Increasing player rating in dynasty mode

This trick requires at least 300 dynasty points to buy a one game coach that helps the centers, forwards or guards. This may not work for coaches who coach an entire team. Then, switch every player on your team to that position. For example, switch all your players to centers first then buy the big man coach who will raise your players inside scoring by four. Then, go back and edit your players again to their correct position except for the centers. Make them a power forward or something else. Then, re-order your line-up to your liking and simulate one game (since you bought a one game coach). Go back and edit your centers to their correct positions. Look at the ratings, and your players should all have had their inside scoring increased by four. If you have at least 10,000 dynasty points, you can buy a team plane or new team locker room which raises your FG shooting by four each home road or home game. To take advantage of this, buy a plane or locker room, start a game, and look at the rating to see if it went up then quit the game. If you go player stats and look at the ratings, you should notice your players FG shooting is up by four.

Easy dynasty mode points

Before you start your dynasty mode, put all of the All-Star caliber players in one team. Then, simulate through the entire season in dynasty mode to earn points for unlocking items.

Unlock Shoes

Enter these NBA Codes to unlock special Nike shoes (the colorway style are in parentheses):

Air Flight 89 (3)- GF9845JHR4

Air Flightposite I (1) - 0P5465UX12

Air Flightposite II (2) - 2389JASE3E

Air Foamposite - OP5465UX12

Air Foamposite Pro (1) - DG56TRF446

Air Foamposite Pro (2) - 3245AFSD45

Air Foamposite Pro (3) - DSAKF38422

Air Hyperflight (2) - 14TGU7DEWC

Air Hyperflight (3) - A0K374HF8S

Air Hyperflight (4) - JCX93LSS88

Air Zoom Flight (1) - 367UEY6SN

Shox BB4 - 424TREU777

Blazer - XCV6456NNL

Blazer (2) - W3R57U9NB2

Air Jordan III (1) - CVJ554TJ58

Air Jordan III (2) - G9845HJ8F4

Air Jordan XI (1) - A2S35TH7H6

Air Jordan XI (2) - HG76HN765S


Easy dynasty mode

Go to the "Edit Players" option under "Team Management" and max out all the stats of the players on the team that you want to use in dynasty mode. Save the roster so that you can use it in your dynasty. Go to dynasty mode and it will load

your roster. Your team will have maxed out stats.

Unlock New Lebron James shoes

Enter the following in the Cheat Menu: 23lbjnumb1.

Unlock Hidden Shoes

Go to the code menu and type in these codes:

CVJ554TJ58 - Air Jordans 3

23LBJNUMB1 - Lebron James Shoes

424TREU777 - Shox BB4

XCVV6456NNL - Blazer


Have a saved game file from another EA Sports game on your memory card to receive special rewards such as shoes and points that you can use to buy jerseys.

Jermaine Dupri

Create a player and enter SOSODEF as a last name.

Unlock Secret Characters

Create a player with one of the following as his last name. The character will be available in the free agent pool. The last names are case-sensitive.

Code - Character

posneghx - Mario Austin

skenxido - Malick Badiane

zxccvdri - Sani Becirovic

bbvdkcvm - Matt Bonner

sdfgurkl - Carlos Delfino

pockdlek - Andreas Glyniadakis

oeisndla - Kyle Korver

nbvksmcn - James Lang

qwpoaszx - Paccelis Morlende

whsucpoi - Aleksander Pavlovic

poilkjmn - Rick Rickert

ioubfdcj - Sofoklis Schortsanitis

xcfwqase - Tommy Smith

poioijis - Szymon Szewczyk

zxdsdrke - Nedzad Sinanovic

itnvcjsd - Remon Van de Hare

wmzkcoi - Xue Yuyang