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Naruto Shippuuden : Narutimate Accel 2

PlayStation 2


Beat certain events in Master Story Mode.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
ChiyoMeet her Master
Chiyo with PuppetsBeat Sasori True Form in Master (Story) Mode with her
ItachiBeat Itachi in Master (Story) Mode
KabutoBeat Kabuto in Master (Story) Mode
KisameBeat Kisame in Master (Story) Mode
OrochimaruBeat Orochimaru in Master (Story) Mode
SaiBeat Sai in Master (Story) Mode
Sasori HirukoBeat Sasori in Master (Story) Mode
Sasori True FormBeat Sasori True Form in Master (Story) Mode
SasukeBeat Sasuke in Master (Story) Mode
YamatoBeat Sai in Master (Story) Mode

Sasuke RPG mode

Finish the master mode and all of the side quests, and then go to the room where you first defeated Sasuke, access the blue aura there, and done.

More Money

Simply start Accel 2 story mode with any save data from Accel 1 and receive an easy 100,000 yen.

Narutimate difficulty

Beat all of Gai's challenges (first option) in the training grounds.