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Major League Baseball 2K5

PlayStation 2

Better fantasy draft picks

To get a better draft pick, keep pressing Back to go to the previous screen and press A. This will bring you back to the draft screen. Keep doing this until you get a good number.

All classic teams:

Enter Old Timers as a profile name.

All cheats:

Enter Ima Cheater as a profile name.

Easy wall climbs

First, throw a bad pitch. The batter almost always will put on a slam zone. Press A slowly. The batter will most likely hit a home run. When the Right Analog-stick icon appears, click it. If done correctly, the fielder will catch the homerun.

Easy base hits

Put players with a speed rating of A or better (for example, Rafael Furcal, Carl Crawford, Juan Pierre, etc.) in your lineup. When the pitcher throws the ball, bunt it down the third base line and use your speed burst to get to first base. It does not matter if it is a left or right handed hitter; they will be safe 99% of the time. You can use A- players, but your success rate drops to about 90% and you must bunt it perfectly.

Fake out announcer

To make the announcer say something wrong, get an outfield hit with a man on second. Have the lead runner round third base when the fielder throws it. Quickly press (L) to hear the announcer say "The play at home... He's outta there!"

All extras:

Enter Gimme Goods as a profile name.