Game Platforms

Lightning Force


Extra Lives

At the Config Screen, set Ship Stock to 0. You now have 99 ships.

Extra Music

After you finish the game, you'll get several new selections to play in the Music Test (in the Config Screen.)

Extra Weapons

Pause the game and press UP, RIGHT, A, DOWN, RIGHT, A, C, LEFT, UP, B. Now press UP to add all weapons, RIGHT to add or remove the claw. Select a weapon with C and push DOWN to remove it.

Free Points

Near the beginning of Level 9 (shortly after the first power up) a white, blobish enemy will be crawling on the bottom of the screen. It will jump up at you. If it grabs on to your ship it won't kill you, but it will weigh you down for a while and go away and give you about 10,000 points.

High Score Stars

When entering your initials at the high scores screen, you can control the movement of the stars with the control pad.


Before the game begins, simultaneously press A and START to bring up a Configuration screen. This screen lets you set the controls, number of ships, difficulty level, and preview sounds.