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Legend Of Zelda, The : Link's Awakening

Game Boy

Dungeon 8 at the beginning of the game

OK, go to the screen above the screen where the first sword is found (at the beach) use the screen warp glitch and you will be in the water. Link will fall into the water, and when you come back you will be at the top of the map near the bridge. you will fall again, but this time you will come back on the bridge. a warp point is nearby, so you can come back whenever.

Name change

Steal an item from the shop in Mabe Village. Go back in the store and get killed. When the you start the game over, go to Marin. Instead of your name, she call you "THIEF".

Turn Marin into a ghost

Use "Screen skip" trick to pass Walrus in Yarna Desert (without having Marin). Then, get the key and use the trick to exit the screen again. Get Marin and start the next dungeon. Marin will remain outside while you do so, If you took long enough when doing the dungeon, when you emerge Marin will tell you how long she waited for you -- and look like a ghost. Also, there is no need to get rid of Marin now and she will follow you around the entire game. Note: There is an glitch after you get the flying rooster, you can have two Marins or two roosters following you around.

Level 3 Power Bracelet

There is a way to get a Level 3 Power Bracelet, but it has the same strength as the Level 2 Power Bracelet. It's actually very simple. You first must be inside level 7, Eagle's Tower. Get on top of one of the ledges on the first floor. Now enter a screen at any direction, while doing the Warp Across Screen glitch (pressing select as you enter the screen). If you did it right, you'll be at a location with a treasure chest at the top left of the screen. Walk over to it and open it up. It will look like a regular power bracelet, but when you look in your inventory, it will say L3.

Hidden Ending

If you beat the game without dying, you will see Marin fly across the screen when it says "THE END".

Easy money

In level three, the Boss will taunt you and say that you will never find him. To get unlimited rupies, get to the Boss, but do not ram the wall with the Pegasus Boots. Kill the blobs that fall on the screen for easy money.

Stronger weapon

Set the boomerang as the "B" weapon and the hookshot as "A" weapon. Press A + B for a strong weapon.

Ocarina song

The ocarina can be used get unstuck after using the "Screen skip" trick. First get the ocarina, then go to the cave near the water with two fish above the cave. You must have the flippers to do this. Enter the cave and talk to the big fish. It will ask you if you have an ocarina. Answer "Yes" and it will teach you a song. Play that song after getting stuck to teleport to a pond outside of the "Crazy Tracy's Health Spa".


Obtain the Boomerang and the Rooster. Throw the Boomerang and pick up the Rooster. The Boomerang should hover below you. You cannot get attacked by normal enemies but you may attack them.

Dog fight

When you finish Cave 2, take Bow Wow to the monkey that you trade bananas to in order to get a bridge to the castle. The monkey displays an angry message and both of them will fight.

Level 3 Miniboss Quick Kill

When fighting the Dodongo Snakes in Level 3, kill one snake normally and then leave the room by taking the stairs next to the door on the south end of the room. When you reenter the room, the other one will be dead and the fight will be over.

Screen skip

Approach the edge of any screen and press Select (for the world map) just before it scrolls to the next section. Return to the game from the map. If done correctly, your character will appear to the other side of the screen. This can be done almost anywhere in the game, however take care to avoid jumping into stone walls or other locations that may cause the game to become stuck. This may also cause the game to display levels that do not normally exist. Note: This trick does not work on the DX version of the game for the Color Game Boy.

Go to the Dark World. Go to Castle 4 to get the Titan's Mitt. Go to the Smith's House in the Dark World and move to the corner near the trees. Do the "Screen skip" trick to get be behind the fench of the Pyramid Of Power. To get out, you have to use the Mirror, then the Flute and choose you destination.

Information in this section was contributed by Ryan Carpenter.

Go to the Boss room in the first dungeon. Do not fight the Boss. Instead, fall down the hole. As soon as the screen shows the underground thing, jump with the Roc's Feather. It will take you to a weird world. You can walk through walls, and the enemies will look different. To get out, just save and quit. While in the weird world, you can get the two power bracelets. Note: To be safe with your game, get all of the items, then copy that file. Do this trick on the copied file. You can do this at the very beginning of the game.

Use the following trick to go to Level 8 (Turtle Rock) without having to get all the weapons. Go to the library and look in the book "Atlas Of Koholint Island" and match up the point where Turtle Rock is to a point on the beach. Match up the points and go to the beach. Do the "Screen skip" trick and you should be transported to Turtle Rock without needing any of the required weapons or an introduction from the turtle's head.

Cheaper purchases

Select an expensive item from the counter, and begin payment. As your character's money is being deducted, quickly press Start + Select + A + B, then save and quit the game. Reload the saved game to keep the item and most of the money used to purchase it.