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Legend Of Heroes, The : A Tear Of Vermilion



Attack magic has a property called "attributes". Its relationship to the enemy's attribute can significantly alter the damage that a spell deals. If your magic has the opposing attribute to your enemy's attribute, the damage will increase, whereas if the attributes are the same it will decrease. A monster with the fire attribute will be weak against water magi, and strong against fire magic A monster with the water attribute will be weak against fire magic, and strong against water magic. A moister with the earth attribute will be weak against wind magic, and strong against the earth magic. A monster with the wind attribute will be weak against the earth magic. and strong against the wind magic.

Unlock bonus characters

Have a cleared saved game file from Eiyuu Densetsu 3: Shiroki Majo on your memory stick. Load the file when prompted in the Japanese version to unlock characters from that game.