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Crypt Puzzle Solutions

Betty Ross: Kill the bubbles in reverse order of the pattern described.

Ruby Silent: Stay perfectly still until the torches go out.

Jim Bright: Pick up the switch and place it next to a giant torch, then hit it.

Jeaouls wife: Kill the orc with the boulder in one hit.

Thief: Don't move until the torches go out.

Skywalker: The top left wall has an invisible staircaise you climb.

Dirk the Dark: Kill the dark skeleton.

Whodini: Place the crate in front of the nameplate and jump up. Go straight to find a hidden path and turn when the path does. The last two puzzles are dirty tricks by the guardian.

Fireball: Try and coerce the fireball into the door.

Guardian: Slash and hit its invisible shadow to hurt it.

Equipment Locations

Broad Sword, Leather Breast and Leather Boots - You start the game with these items.

Magic Sword - After Gumi, follow the Mercator-Ryuma road for two or three screens, then turn right into a side path. Make it up to the old guard's house and he'll give you the sword.

Steel Breast - Item Shop in Mercator. $400 something golds

Healing Boots - Inside the cave to the Waterfall Shrine, just before the exit on a platform.

Saturn Stone - Inside the witches house, after defeating her you can lift the crate to get it.

Thunder Sword - After freeing the villagers in the mining town. A boy in the mayor's house tells you to search the well.

Chrome Breast - In the Verla mine in a lava room with falling platforms.

Fireproof Boots - In the first village, behind the enchanted trees you'll have to solve a couple puzzles inside.

Mars Stone - Beyond the surface dwarf village. Go past the plateau it's on and go to the south of the next one and jump onto a hidden platform.

Ice Sword and Shell Breast - In the Waterfall Shrine.

Iron Boots - In the underground caverns.

Moon Stone - Go to the lower left wall and follow it up until you see yourself next to it.

The items below are found in the underground caverns:

Gaia Sword - After getting a key and chopping the trees, fall onto the platform and pick up the sword.

Hyper Breast - Before or After Spinner, behind a waterfall. LOVE that neon green color.

Ice Spikes - In the repeating area with the eye-in-the-hand platforms, check the hand on the lower left most hand. You'll find them.

Venus Stone - After defeating who/what I call Inferno, head up the ladder and you'll find the ring on the way.

Tree Warps

To get the tree warps (the giant trees that are an area in themselves) you must first help their father Tibor.

After defeating the thieves in Verla, head back to the crossroads and walk to the biggest tree. He'll ask you to help him out. Inside you'll encounter a lot of corpses and the ghosts they spit out. At the top is a giant knight, whom is considered a boss.

After he's defeated, Tibor will repay you by asking his children (whom are all twins) to take you to their twins. You must visit both trees before they will warp you to their twins.