Game Platforms

Konjiki no Gashbell : Yuujou Tag Battle 2

PlayStation 2

Play as Zeno and Dufort in story mode

Press Up(2), Down(2), Right, Left, Right, X, Circle at the title screen.

Password mode

Defeat the first ten opponents in Zatch Bell's story line to unlock the password option in the Bonus section.

Unlockable Characters and Stages

Unlockable Characters and Stages for Zatch Bell! Mamodo Battles:

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Castle stageBuy Red Card number 37 "Vamoon" in bonus mode.
China Temple stageBuy Red Card number 35 "Tsuaoron" in bonus mode.
Dr. Nazonazo's stageBuy Yellow Card number 138 "Mikoruo ma Zegaruga" in bonus mode.
Egyptian stageBuy Red Card number 36 "Belgim E O" in bonus mode.
Forest stageBuy Red Card number 72 "Umagon" in bonus mode.
London stageBuy Red Card number 59 "Victoreem" in bonus mode.
Moon Tower StageBuy Red Card number 38 "Demoruto" in bonus mode.
Play as Alternate Reira and ArubeiruBuy Green Card number 318 "Saigo no Kissu" in bonus mode. Then, press R1 when selecting Reira and Arubeiru at the character selection screen.
Play as Dr. Riddles and KidoDefeat Mr. Riddles and Kido in any story mode.
Play as MaestroIn the Japanese version, win Time Attack mode 300 times to face Maestro. Defeat him to unlock him as a selectable character.
Play as Milordo-Z and KokoBuy all Spell cards in bonus mode.
Play as Victoream and Mohawk AceBuy all Mamodo cards in bonus mode.
Play as Wonrei and Li-EnDefeat Wonrei and Li-En in story mode.
Play as Zeon and DeufoComplete Zatch story mode to unlock Zeon and Deufo as selectable characters.
Play as Zofis and CocoBuy Red Card number 66 "Brago VS Zofis" in bonus mode.
River Side StageBuy Yellow Card number 172 "Baberuga Gurabidon" in bonus mode.

Play as Laila and Albert

Enter "UCKAHEIT" as a password.

Alternately, buy all Event cards in bonus mode. To unlock Leila and Albert (waking), purchase all Partner cards in bonus mode.

Play as Zeno and Dufort

Press Up(2), Down(2), Left, Right, Left, Right, Circle, X at the title screen.