Game Platforms

Knights Of Honor Cheats, PC / Windows

Virtual Boy

Cheat mode

Press [Enter] during game play:

bskinti1,000 Deity, 1,000 Books, 100,000 money (huge inflation)
bsnoaiAI off for all kingdoms
bsaiAI on for all kingdoms, including yours
bsswitchChange sides to selected nation
showspiesEnemy spies shown on Knightbar
bsadvantagesToggle advantages mode
bscommanderToggle command enemy units
bsnofogToggle fog of war
bsdestroyerToggle increased structure damage
bs007IToggle instant spy action
bstashakToggle Maitap mode
bsraiToggle no money mode
bsnorebelsToggle no rebels mode
bs007fToggle spies always fail mode
bs007sToggle spies always succeed