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Klingon Honor Guard


Cheat :

Cheat mode:

Press [Tab] during game play, then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Effect Code

999 of all ammunition types allammo

External view behindview 1

Normal view behindview 0

Reset bad textures on walls or creatures flush

Fly mode fly

No clipping mode ghost

God mode god

Hide all monsters, weapons, and items hideactors

Show all monsters, weapons, and items showactors

Disable invisibility invisible0

Invisibility invisible1

Kill selected monsters killall

Kill all monsters killpawns

Level or server select open

Disable timer playersonly

Set game speed (1 is normal) slomo

Summon weapon, item, or monster1 summon

Suicide suicide

Walk mode; resets no clipping and flight modes walk

Activates currently selected item in inventory activateitem

Add more bots addbots

Cycle through 10 screen brightness settings brightness

Cancels in-progress "open" network connection command cancel

Play the specified CD track cdtrack

Change current HUD mode changehud

Tests game crash by appError debug crash

Tests memory allocation until it fills debug eatmem

Tests game crash by a general protection fault debug gpf

Tests game crash by infinite recursion debug recurse

Display contents of the memory cache GCache dumpcache

Edits the properties of nearest actor belonging to that class during game play editactor

Window mode endfullscreen

Execute the console commands in the filename (Windows/System default directory) exec

Quit game exit

Play dead feigndeath

View current resolution setting getcurrentres

View valid resolutions for current window state getres

Move viewpoint to indicated x,y,z coordinates in the editor jumpto

Display what action indicated key is bound to keybinding

Load game from indicated position loadgame <0-9>

Save the game to indicated position savegame <0-9>

List memory usage mem

View Windows overall memory statistics. memstat

Do not switch to new weapon upon pick-up neverswitchonpickup 1

Switch to new weapon upon pick-up neverswitchonpickup 0

Moves to the next item in inventory. nextitem

Moves to the previous item in inventory. previtem

Cycle to next weapon nextweapon

Cycle to previous weapon prevweapon

Display list of all loaded classes obj classes

Collect and purge objects that are no longer in use obj garbage

Display object hashing statistics. obj hash

List all objects belonging to the class obj list

List all objects obj list

Show a list of objects which reference the indicated object obj refs

Toggles single player pause pause

Display the Advanced Controls menu preferences

Loads game quickload

Saves game quicksave

Copies current game status to clipboard report

Restarts the current level restartlevel

Set the rendering mode rmode <0-9>

Chat in Multi-player game say

Binds indicated key to value. set input

Sets Field of View to indicated value; reset on weapons change or pick-up setdesiredfov

Name changes setname

Sets resolution to indicated value setres

Save .BMP screenshot in Windows/System shot

Shows actors during gameplay. showactors

View Klingons Menu Display. showmenu

Slower game speed slomo

Lists network sockets in multi-player mode sockets

Level or server select start

View cache and number of items cached stat cache

Current frame rate stat fps

View Game stats stat game

View overall stats stat global

View Clip and Box info stat occlusion

Creates a member indicated class summon klingons

Switch to new level with coop-style weapon carrying between levels switchcooplevel

Switch to a new level. switchlevel

Switch to Dak Tagh switchweapon 1

Switch to Bat leth switchweapon 10

Switch to Disruptor Pistol switchweapon 2

Switch to Disruptor Rifle switchweapon 3

Switch to Assault Disruptor switchweapon 4

Switch to Ding Pah switchweapon 5

Switch to Grenade Launcher switchweapon 6

Switch to Rocket Launcher switchweapon 7

Switch to Sith Har Blaster switchweapon 8

Switch to Disruptor Cannon switchweapon 9

Throw current weapon throwweapon

Toggle any of a number of boolean values (bNoMosters, bCoopWeaponMode, bHumansOnly, etc.) toggle b

Toggle full and windowed screens togglefullscreen

Sets your view to the number of classname in the level viewclass

Moves view downwards viewdown

Moves view upwards viewup

1. Use the item names from the following list.


Item list: