Game Platforms

Isolate Warrior

Nintendo 64

Passwords 1227 2nd level 0501 3rd level 0705 4th level 9801 5th level 2687 6th level (last level) 2nd game (After you complete the game the first time around you get to do it all again but this time when you finish level 6 you go on to level 7 which is a secret level) 3396 2nd level 4126 3rd level 7589 4th level 2168 5th level 0666 6th level (last level) These codes may not work for players who have not reached the level yet and received the password. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Secret doors

In the third and last level of the game there are secret doors which you have

to blow open with bombs. In the third level the secret door is right when

you reach the part where there are two enemies who are attached to the

left hand wall and slither out when you approach to try and hit you. Also

there is a a pulsating enemy on the right. The secret door is just below

the second enemy on the wall. Fire a bomb to reveal the secret passage.

The secret door in the last level is right at the beginning. Just past the

first ball and chain enemy are doors running up the left hand side of

the screen. Fire a bomb at the second door to reveal the secret passage.

In the secret passages your weapon will be upgraded fully to level 12

and your bombs to level 5.