Game Platforms



Big Heads

Hold R Button, Y, Y, Y, Y, Release R Button, Hold L Button, Y, Y, Hold R Button + L Button, Y, X, Y.

Complete Current Mission

Hold R Button, B, B, B, X, Release R Button, Hold L Button, Y, Y, Release L Button, Hold R Button, B, B

Unlock Cheats

During gameplay press START and enter any of these codes:

Sword Upgrade

Hold L Button + R Button, X, B, X, Y, Y, B, X, B

White Square Flip

Go to the saving machine in Robot Beach, and flip inside of hit, but do not hit the middle of it where you save If it does not work the first time, change positions until it works.

Unlock Battle Arena

To Unlock Battle Arena, earn all the Grades, Then you should get the Master Grade. The Battle Arena Will be open at Robot Beach.